Saturday, January 23, 2010

training 1/23-1/31

1/23- I would have arrived in Austin today if I were not injured. As it is, I still took a road trip today. 59N up to Chattanooga, US-72W to Huntsville, 65S to the Ham. If I could not live in Birmingham, Alabama, my next choice would be Chattanooga, Tennessee. The downtown area in Chattanooga is surprisingly flat, especially close to the Tennessee river. There's a half marathon in this city that takes place in late Feb-early March. I might do it next year. Huntsville is a smaller city than I expected but I think I would enjoy living there as well. On the injury front, I had zero pain today walking around so when I got home, I decided to try a small test on the 'mill. I started out at 4.0 mph (15:00 pace) and had no pain so I gradually bumped up the pace. I felt my first trace of pain (maybe 1.5 out of 10) at just over 6.5 mph (9:00 pace). I shut it down shortly thereafter and felt no pain on the walk back to my apartment. My total distance amounted to about a 1/2 mile so this does not count as a workout. I will not attempt to run again until next weekend but I think I will be healed by then. This injury does not appear to be as serious as I initially feared. I will upgrade Mercedes from doubtful to questionable but will downgrade the race from a marathon PR attempt to a 1/2 mary fun run. Atlanta has been upgraded from questionable to probable. 2 weeks off will not kill my fitness and if I can get some semi-quality workouts, I might still run a halfway decent time. Tomorrow is a football day and yes, there will be commentary about those games.
Grade: Non-Pass/0 credit/distance=0.5

1/24- Felt awful most of the day. I'm not even running and I have tarsal tunnel and plantar fasciitis flare ups! WTH? That does it. I'm switching from Lithium to SBF to target the thyroid instead of the adrenals. In the end, it looks like I will rotate the two each month. Lithium worked like a charm in Nov-Dec. Taking SBF for too long could cause inflammation. If I had gone to Austin injury free, I may have sucked.

1/25- I've only taken 7 days off so far but it seems like a lot longer. I admit that I am addicted to running. It's a chemical imbalance (dopamine level has crashed) and I have a history of a deficiency in that area so the best way for me to feel better is to run again. I tried taking some leftover Sam-e, an OTC antidepressant, and it helped the first day but overstimulated my thyroid thereafter. Today is my first full day on the SBF so we'll see how that works. 7 days off doesn't make a significant dent in fitness but the steep drop off comes starting around 10 days off. 1 mile progressive jog on the 'mill. Time was 9:52 and felt a rise in dopamine. Minmal pain during the run and none after. I may not be ready yet but I'm not far off unless I do something stupid like a hard run.
Grade: Pass/0 credit/distance=1.0

1/26- Planned rest day. When I woke up, the AT was not painful but it just didn't feel "right" and did not feel the same as the healthy one. Perhaps, it is scar tissue breaking up. I must be very cautious. I may attempt the Trak Shak 3 tomorrow but will stop if it hurts at all.

1/27- Not a very good day overall. I woke up with an anxiety attack so I took some taurine and it helped. I did attempt the Trak Shak 3 and there was a very small crowd despite relatively nice weather (upper 40s, clear light winds). I shut it down after 2.5 in 19:47 (7:55 pace). I was not in terrible pain but just didn't feel right. My first run after a lay off usually sucks so I might be better tomorrow. If not, it's another week off and no chance at a decent time at Mercedes. My status for that race remains questionable. Weight: 152.2, just 2.8 below my goal.
Grade:Pass/1 credit/distance=2.75

1/28- No need to try to run. I am in a little pain today and am out for another week. Yesterday may have ultimately delayed my return but I wanted to try. If I am back to full strength in time for Mercedes, I will have lost too much fitness to run a decent time.
Grade: Non-Pass/0 credit/distance=0.25

1/29-Depressing rainy day.

1/30-Depressing cold day

1/31- Still afraid to run.

Weekly summary:
Not much more to say than is not already evident. Maybe I can run next week. If not, I'll be a spectator for my hometown race. Next week, I get an F for not running.
Distance=4.50/GPA: N/A

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