Monday, January 18, 2010

NFL playoffs 3rd and final

3-1 record this weekend, which evens me up at 4-4 overall. My Super Bowl pick didn't show up to play. For championship weekend:
Indy vs. NYJ- It's ironic. The only reason that the NYJ are in the playoffs at all let alone the AFC championship is the fact that Indy put in their scrubs in the 2nd half of the regular season game. What a cruel twist of fate it would be if that same team prevented Indy from making it to the Super Bowl! I'm rooting for New York but I don't see them winning. Both of Indy's playoff opponents had 9-7 regular season records. That may be the easiest path to the Super Bowl in history.
MIN vs. NO- If both teams show up to play, this one could be a classic. I picked MIN to represent the NFC on my first post and will stick with them.
I'm picking Indy to win it all and I expect that they will be favored. That said, both MIN and NO have about an equal chance of pulling off the upset. As for the NYJ, I've taken them lightly all the way and they've proven me wrong but another upset victory would be a huge long shot. Odds of a Super Bowl win are even longer.
Odds of winning:
Indy- 50%
MIN- 25 %
NO- 20 %
NYJ- 5%
Edit: As for personal preferences, I guess I'm rooting slightly for MIN over NO. I'm sour on Indy because of the way they finished the regular season. I don't have a problem with resting some of the starters but please, let the 2nd team play to win. Who knows, there could be a potential superstar on the bench and a time like that, rather than preseason when some of the competition will be bagging groceries in a few weeks, is the best time to evaluate the players. I feel that there are of lot of 2nd string players who have star potential that never get a real chance to play. If Bledsoe did not get hurt, Tom Brady may never have gotten a chance to start.
Why am I rooting for MIN over NO?
Even though I don't like how Favre flip flopped on retirement, I have a lot of respect for someone who has been written off countless times as too old and played through pain week in and week out for so long. Also, Adrian Peterson had to overcome a lot of injuries in college and seems to have a great attiitude. Lastly, I didn't have the greatest experience on a visit to the city of New Orleans. I almost got robbed on Bourbon Street by a man well known to police and was lucky that an officer was on the scene.

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tjschwab33 said...

I agree with about everything you say except the advantage you are giving to Indy. Any team led by Peyton Manning has a chance to go all the way, but I think that whoever wins between the Vikings and the Saints will have the advantage in the Super Bowl. I am rooting for the Vikes, but you never know about the Saints at home. It will be no suprise to me if the Jets pull off another upset in Indy; which you said would be ironic, and I think overall it would be fitting. I want the Colts to win, but you get what you deserve! If you get a chance check my blog out at