Sunday, January 24, 2010

Super Bowl preview

1-1 on the week and I remain at .500 for the playoffs. My hat is off to the Jets for a tremendous end to their season. It's too early to make picks for next season but they could very well dethrone New England in the AFC East. They'll be a Super Bowl contender next season.
I thought MIN was the better team than NO and I stil feel that way. It was another gutsy performance by Favre but it's hard to overcome 5 turnovers. Will Favre come back next year and will the team be as strong? The answer to the second question is "I doubt it." Green Bay will be tough to beat in that division.
I have vague memories of the Redskins/Broncos Super Bowl (1987 season) but the first one that I remember clearly was the next year's classic (Montana's drive to beat Cincy). Since then, we've seen some great Super Bowls, some forgettable games and some blowouts. Between now and then, I'll try to think of the 5 best since 1987 and the 5 worst. I remember some of the games better than others but almost every year, I remember what I did that day and where I went to watch the game. This year will probably be a low key event and probably a trip to a friend's place.
As for this year, I think that it will be a good game. I like the matchup of Peyton Manning and Drew Brees as both had outstanding seasons. We are back to what we thought we would see after Week 13 when both teams were undefeated. This is the first time in a long time that both number one seeds made it in the same season. I will pick the Colts to win but will say that the Saints have about a 1 in 3 chance of pulling off the upset. I expect that the point spread will be Indy by about 3-4 points. As for my personal preference, I don't particularly like either team but will root mildly for the Saints mostly because they've never won before. Brees has been a strong player for several years and I'd rather see him win his first than Manning win his second.
Prediction: Colts 28 Saints 24.

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