Friday, August 19, 2011

Medical report (fairly good news)

First, I want to say thanks for all the page views in recent days. I really appreciate your interest in me. In short, the battle for freedom rages on. Just as I predicted last weekend, my numbers are indeed better but well short of what I had hoped for. It is indeed enough to keep my hope and my faith alive at least for now. However, if I am still unstable when next Fall rolls around, I will once again be at the breaking point on the verge of giving up.
Let's first revisit the possible outcomes post:
Outcome #1- full scale relapse toward adrenal exhaustion
Outcome #2- status quo, continued extreme fast oxidation with little change in my numbers.
Outcome #3- toxic metals (seemed highly unlikely)
Outcome #4- sudden reversal to balanced or even slow oxidation.
I predicted a combination of #2 and 4 and that's pretty much what I got.
First, let me assure my readers that Outcome #1 is a DEFINITE NO! I will not have to quit running nor will I have to be content to be a casual jogger.
As for the toxic metals, it's possible that a high level of aluminum is hurting me a bit. It's not off the charts high but enough to cause some concern. I'll have to ask the doc about that one. From what I've read, it's a fairly simple fix.
Another positive development is my blood sugar ratio. I had been above the diabetic trend threshold for several months now but I am back within the "good" range, 75% of ideal.
Now, to address the fast oxidation problem:
The oxidation rate is determined by 2 key ratios. On my last test, my thyroid mineral ratio (distinguished from thyroid hormones) was 23% of ideal. I've bumped it up to 27%. It's like a morbidly obese person losing 1 pound. Better than a gain but I'm none too happy with this one.
Lastly, my most significant improvement came in the adrenal mineral ratio. This one has been at least 6.5 times faster than ideal since I quit the Lithium 12 months ago. It shot up to 10x faster on my last report but has dropped back down to 4x faster, or approximately what it was while on Lithium.
I still have a 2 front war to fight. This test confirms that the thyroid pills that I currently take are not the long-term solution. If I stay on this course, it will only make the fast oxidation worse but treating the fast oxidation will make the thyroid hormones worse. No win situation.
Final thought:
I need some time to digest this one. I intend to seek another opinion on the 2 front war and get an honest prognosis from a fresh perspective. I'm not sure how accurate it would be at this stage but I'd like to know where my thyroid hormones are right now.
I am getting better and my Christian friends will tell me to remain patient. For now, that's all that I can do but I CANNOT remain patient forever. So much of my life has been stolen from me already and as more time passes, the more my patience wears thin. I'd look pretty silly 5 years from now at 36 years old telling people that they can beat this when I haven't done it myself after a decade of treatment.
Outward signs of improvement:
First, my 10K PR of 40:28 came with no competition and I was not even fresh. Also, my normal training pace is faster. As much as I am criticized for it, I see that as a good sign. When you can train at 7:30 pace and it feels no harder than 7:40 did only a few weeks earlier, that can only mean improvement. Of course, I cannot sustain 7:30 on 55-60 MPW. Higher mileage will require a slowdown in pace and YES I DO INTEND TO SLOW DOWN IN MARATHON MODE. I've said before that I have the talent to go well under 3 hours in a marathon but also as I've said many times, that is NOT the goal of all of this. I'll never be happy long-term as long as I am unbalanced and unstable. All I want out of all this is to be free from significant chemical imbalances or at least instability. It just so happens that faster times naturally come with it. If the blood sugar had remained diabetic and the adrenal mineral ratio was still more than 6x faster, I would indeed be a broken man with little hope. As it is, my hopes are still alive for now but if I am still 4x faster than ideal next year and still in a 2 front war, I will be right back to the breaking point. Thanks again for caring about me and supporting me in this awful war.

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