Saturday, August 6, 2011

Possible outcomes

I talked to a co-worker, who is a fairly devout Christian, yesterday about my situation. His response was something to the effect of this: "I wouldn't worry about it too much. You've had these imbalances for so long and they'll probably always be there. Just manage it the best you can." I wanted to scream but I'm near the point in which I must accept that he's right. He's right about one thing. I'm not going to worry too much about the results. The hair sample has been sent and I can't do anything about it. All I can do is wait 2-3 weeks and see what it says.
I see about 4 possible results and I am mentally prepared for each of them.
1. The worst case scenario is that I am heading back to full blown adrenal exhaustion. What is going on now with the thyroid caps is eerily similar to what happened in 2005 just before the first energy crash. Back then, I was extremely unstable but was depended on adrenal caps, not thyroid caps. The hair test will be very clear on this. Na/K above 2.50- good. Below 2.50- bad. This ratio has not been below 2.49 since 2007. If this is the case, I have no choice other than to stop running and take 2 months of inactivity. Failing to do so will result in another severe energy crash. After that, I can come back safely only as a casual jogger. Better than nothing but still a major let down. Much of my social life revolves around running and my dopamine level may crash if I don't get vigorous exercise. Also, it would really suck for this to happen when I am so close to my goals. Granted, this scenario does not seem too likely.

2. The most likely case is the status-quo. Continued extreme fast oxidation with sluggish thyroid hormones. It's a 2 front war in which both imbalances are treated at different times and neither get in balance because treating one problem makes the other worse. I may take 4-6weeks off by choice, not because of injury down the road and see how I feel. I'd prefer not to do that until next Spring or Summer. I am vulnerable to adrenal exhaustion with too much stimulation of either my thyroid or adrenals for too long.

3. The fatigue is due to a toxic metal. Possible but it seems unlikely. It's a fairly simple fix. Chlorella and vitamin C can detox just about anything and I can resume my fight against extreme fast oxidation and probably quit the thyroid caps. That would be a good scenario.

4. Finally, the best case is that my body chemistry has suddenly reversed itself and I'm either a slow oxidizer or at least a lot more balanced than before, which has allowed the hypothyroid symtoms to appear. In the recent past, I may have been hypo but wasn't showing symptoms because the fast oxidation over-rode it. Under normal circumstances, I'd say that's impossible or at least highly unlikely but since I recently took care of a chronic low-grade infection, anything can happen with my chemistry. That would be great.

Current emotional state:
There's nothing I can do except wait. Until the results come in, I will keep hope alive. If scenario #1 or 2 comes out, it will be a crushing blow. I have invested so much time telling others that adrenal fatigue can be beaten, not just managed for life. I have claimed that not only can you train hard after adrenal fatigue, you can come back stronger IF you take the right supplements tailored to your chemistry. I've been told many times that I could get a book deal out of this and make a difference in the lives of thousands of people. That's all out the window if this is a chronic condition that must be managed. I cannot in good conscience promote a treatment plan that was not fully effective for me. I will not abandon my faith in Jesus but my enthusiasm may never be the same again. As I've said many times, you cannot be happy long-term with significant chemical imbalances. I have written many times before and believed with all my heart that it is not God's will for anyone to live out life with chemical imbalances and there is a solution for any problem in that area. I also believed that the Holy Spirit was working with me and speaking through me to give me the right words and I have inspired a lot of people. If it turns out that it is under the false pretense that I have been healed and at times I had every reason to believe it, it's difficult to even express how that feels.

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