Monday, September 30, 2013

End of the 3rd quarter

Traditionally, the third quarter of the year has not been kind to me and this year was no exception.  I stand at 14 wins and 23 losses on the year with a 2.54 GPA.  By comparison, I was 24-13 last year with an even 3.00.  If I continue at this pace, I will end up worse than 2010 in which I missed 8 weeks due to injuries and had to take zeroes for those weeks.  After a respectable 7-4 start, I have gone just 7-19 since and have never been this cold anywhere near this long since before the adrenal fatigue diagnosis in 2006.  Nothing more to say that is not already apparent.  My mileage total of 1,348 on the year is not bad and I expect to finish near 1,800 which was right about what I planned in a non-marathon year.  The only problem is the planned high intensity workouts have been missing as well.

Final comments on the magnesium issue:
I posted earlier that without magnesium supplementation, I stand no chance of getting in balance and sadly, this is probably true.  Yes, Cal/Mag supplements do in fact lower my sky high Na and K levels associated with overactive thyroid and adrenal function but they are not nearly as effective as the Thym-Adren glandular.  For reasons that I cannot explain, taking significant amounts of magnesium causes intolerance to Thym-Adren and vice versa.  I may not be able to get into balance without magnesium but I'll never feel good long-term without the Thym-Adren.  After several months on a mega Thym-Adren dose, I see no reason why I cannot lower the Na and K back down to near normal once again.  The problem is that the Thym-Adren has failed to raise my Cal and Mag levels and eventually the magnesium deficiency symptoms will re-appear.  When that happens, I will take the Mag only on an as needed basis.

Magnesium supplementation has not been all bad for me.  My tolerance for sugar is much improved and I no longer need to take Fructosin, which saves me at least $45/month.  Also, my summer allergies were almost non-existent this year.  I believe that magnesium was directly responsible for those 2 positive developments and why I hesitate to stop taking it altogether.  I have 3 possible formulas that I am willing to try in the next week or 2:
-9 Thym-Adren pills alone
-8 Thym-Adren with 1 Mag malate pill (45mg)
-6 Thym-Adren with 1 Jigsaw Mag (125 mg)
Any more than 125 mg and I doubt that I can take much Thym-Adren and I know for a fact that 500 mg of Mag causes complete intolerance to it.  Without Thym-Adren, I have learned too many times that my Na and K will skyrocket as sure as I'm alive.  I will re-iterate that Cal/Mag is not enough to offset that trend.  It's like tapping or covering the brakes on a car when driving down a mountain.

When I experiment with pills, I usually get a clear YES or NO answer with a couple of days.  Not so with the magnesium.  There were several times when on the Mag citrate that it seemed to be coming together.  I appeared to be improving steadily on the Mag chloride as well and had some "A" workouts on the malate.  There are other forms of Mag out there but I have little confidence of a different outcome.  If and when the fructose malabsorption or allergies flare up again, I will go back to magnesium.  It seems that I can take it with Thym-Adren for a week or so but not long-term.

As for the 4th quarter, my plans are fairly modest.  I will do only 1 out of town half marathon and am leaning towards Huntington, WV (state #18) in mid-November.  No more 10Ks this year but maybe a couple local 5Ks.  I need to go 11-2 down the stretch just to get back to .500 on the year.  It's a tall order but I have gone 15-3 over an 18 weeks in 2011-12.

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