Thursday, September 12, 2013

Job or Passion?

10 years ago, I was a first year MBA student with aspirations of becoming an Analyst for a major corporation or bank.  Let's just say that it didn't work out and leave it at that.  After that, I made a half-assed effort to prepare for the CPA exam and fall back on my Accounting degree but eventually gave up due to stress and lack of interest.  Finally, after 16 rejections, I got hired with the State of Alabama and eventually got a transfer from Montgomery up to Birmingham to work as an auditor.  How do I like my current job?
It's got its ups and downs but I'll try not to complain too much because it is a big improvement over my old one, in which my duties were mostly data entry.
-no overtime required, not terribly stressful.  High stress with long hours would be a killer in my condition.  I would have hated a job at a big CPA firm.
- no trouble getting a day or two off every now and then
- I feel good about busting somebody who is blatantly cheating on taxes and in doing so, I help keep taxes lower for honest folks.
-I don't like having to give a large bill to nice people who sincerely didn't know about a certain tax law.  I'd like to cut them a break if possible but I've got to apply the law.
-Can be tedious at times flipping invoices and I don't feel like I'm using my degrees very much.
-Some people like to drag the audit out as long as possible then at the last minute, they give me information proving that they owe little or no tax.  As a result, I have to work and re-work audits 3 or more times for minimal money.  They say that you are not evaluated on production but you are.
-Yes, my medical issues are holding me back from performing better.

Overall, it's not a bad gig and I could be fairly content doing it for the next 25 years and it's a good thing because it's really my only option that's somewhat related to my field.  A private sector job would pay better but it's not worth the stress and I honestly don't think I could handle it right now.  Now, the question of this post:  Would I ever quit my job to pursue my passion in natural medicine?  My answer is pretty sensible.  If it promised me that ability to earn a living, the answer is HELL YES.
Under no circumstances will I go back to school and subject myself to the stress of another degree with no guarantee of landing a job in the field.  My only hope is that the book deal could be a springboard.  I have no expectations of a #1 best seller but judging by the interest in this blog and my connections with the Christian and running community, several thousand sales is not unrealistic. At least locally, my story would be fairly well-known. I really like Birmingham and would not want to leave.  Fortunately, I am aware of a practice in town called Hoover Alt MD but to my knowledge, they do not sell hair or neurotransmitter tests.  Any chance they might hire me as a consultant?  If this war finally ends in my favor and as I predict, I am able to do things that I could never even dream of now, yes it could happen.

My dream is to develop some type of mathematical formula that takes in all information on those tests and identifies "bottom lines" that cause intolerance to certain pills to create a fool-proof formula that eliminates or at least minimizes the instability that I have.

Money is not my primary concern.  As long as I have the following, I'd be fine with it:
-a roof over my head in a safe neighborhood.
-reliable car that can get me around.
-enough disposable income to take a couple mini-vacations per year and maybe be able to go overseas every few years or so.
That's pretty much where I am now.
As far as a big house, fancy cars and flashy clothes, I don't need any of that.
Honestly, I'd rather make $40K by following my passion than $60K by not doing so. 

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