Monday, September 16, 2013

Training 9/16-9/22 (possible race)

9/16- Strong start to the week.  Lakeshore 6.5 in 48-flat (7:23 pace).  Even pace all the way.  All but 1 mile was sub-7:30.  Warm and dry day out there with temps in the mid-80s and a dewpoint near 60 if not slightly below.  Felt comfortable.  Can't say that I could have run all day at this pace but another 6.5?  I bet I could manage it.  No Thym-Adren but my Cal/Mag ratio is very sensitive.  I need 750 mg of each.  500 won't cut it and 1,000 is probably too much.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=7.0

9/17- Salazar 300s at Vestavia.  It was an improvement over the last such workout, which is very encouraging when doing intervals.  Last time, I managed 10 reps in 58-59.  Today was 12 reps in sets of 6.  I clocked 2 56s, 7 57s, 2 58s before closing with a solid 54.5.  Still, my body is not quite in sync and my gut feeling is to skip Talladega (I'll save $40+ gas) and focus on the 10K the following week. Even if it's a good day for me, my fitness has diminished to the point that I can't expect better than a mid-high 20:xx.   I'll decide by Thursday and could change my mind if I have a breakout.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=3.5

9/18-Adjusted the Cal/Mag ratio to 1,000 Cal/750 Mag and it was clearly an improvement.Taking all Mag in the morning, I was awful but got better with every dose of Cal.  Trak Shak 7.5 in 54:02 (7:12 pace) while running a pretty comfortable effort.  I may try to tweak it a little more tomorrow.  I am listed as "doubtful" for Talladega but if I feel great tomorrow or Friday, I will change my mind.  My half mary time right now would be 1:35ish and will come down nicely with consistent training.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=7.5

9/19-Once again, I need X# of pills or else.  I've simply traded the Thym-Adren for the Cal/Mag.  I took all Cal this morning and was awful but gradually improved with each dose of Mag.  I suspect a selenium deficiency so I tried 2 of those pills this evening.  1 may have been helpful but 2 of them caused over-stimulation.  Attempted a tempo and got a great start but was fading fast by the end of Mile 1 (6:27) so I shut down the engines and just cruised the final 4 miles in a rather pedestrian 31-flat.  Overall time was 37:27 (7:29 pace) for 5 miles plus a half mile cool.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=5.5

9/20- Officially a "no" for Talladega.  If I am low on selenium, the supplement that I took is not the answer.  I pitched it today.  Workout was a lame 4 miler on Lakeshore in 31:50 (7:57 pace) and had to rally at the end to secure the sub-8 overall.  While that's not horrible for an easy day, I was clearly off form.
 Grade:C/1 credit/distance=4.5

9/21- Planned rest day due to predicted bad weather.

9/22- Another long run FAIL!  Plan was 15 miles @ 7:45 ish pace.  I tried 750 Cal/500 Mag and struggled through 5 miles on Lakeshore in a pedestrian 39:35 (7:55 pace).  Splits were 18:58-20:37 with an 8:25 in Mile 5.  Tried some more Mag and was so bad that I did not even attempt to run any longer.  It appears that once again, I need a 2:1 ratio of Cal/Mag, which would have been disastrous only a week ago.  I've traded one instability for another and I am MAD AS HELL!  Good call on skipping Talladega.  I expect to suck in my 10K next week.

PM- 1 mile junk run.  Felt no better.
Grade:F/2 credits/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
Distance=34.0/ GPA= 19.3/8=2.41
YTD: 1,322 miles.  14-22 with a 2.55 GPA.

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