Sunday, December 29, 2013

Comments on the Liver flush experience

The short answer is that it was not as bad as I feared.  I did pretty well in following the protocol but if I am to do it again,  I will do a few things differently. 
First, eating just dry cereal was a little extreme.  You simply need to avoid fats before the detox so I could have had a few juice smoothies with more nutrients and calories.
Second, I broke my fast around 11 AM the next day and probably could have held it together for a few more hours.
Lastly, I took my 3rd epsom salt drink at 7:00 AM instead of 6:00 because I could not get up.  Oh well, I don't think that affected me too much.

The fast:
I did get a bit of a hunger headache and I was hurting as a result of not taking any supplements but I never really felt faint.  No worse than expected.  I may have been okay taking some Mag but not Thym-Adren.

Epsom salts:
Was not as foul tasting as I feared.  I used filtered water and kept it cold, which helped.  I did have to go to the bathroom after the second dosage but it wasn't too uncomfortable.

The cleansing drink:
1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil plus a 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice and a few squirts of lemon juice.  I mixed it in a Gatorade bottle, shook it up then drank it.  I expected that it would make me want to gag but it turned out to be okay.  The taste of the grapefruit juice overwhelmed the olive oil.

The biggest complaint is the nausea but in my case, it wasn't so bad.  I had trouble getting to sleep and did make 1 bathroom trip but nothing came out.

I woke up actually feeling at peace with my situation, which is amazing given how much is at stake.  Part of me was accepting that I may be screwed and nothing more could be done.  I expected to be running for the toilet early but I was getting concerned that I was not.  It was not until after my 2nd epsom salt drink that I could go.  To my relief,  I saw 2-3 small green stones floating on top.  About an hour later, I had to go again and this time, I saw more than a dozen stones.  Most were small and green with a couple tan stones mixed in.  The size was larger than a sesame seed but slightly smaller than a peanut.  Some people are able to pass much larger stones but I was still pleased to get something out.  I had to go a couple more times during the day but only got about 2-3 more out.

Final thought:
Again, I'm not expecting a miracle one shot cure.  I just want improvement.  One shot of prolotherapy did not cure long-standing groin pain but it did improve.  The fact that something came out is a good sign.  It is common for patients to get more out on the 2nd or 3rd cleanse.  If my tolerance for supplements does improve, yes I will do this again.  I will start the detox on a Friday night rather than a Saturday so I will not be worthless all weekend.  At the end of the day, I really don't care if anything comes out or not, I just want to be less sensitive to these pills.  I'll have a better idea in another day or two.

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