Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Liver Detox Preview

UPDATE: 10/16/14- The liver flush was successful in that it did allow me to tolerate key pills but I remain way too sensitive.  I've started on a supplement called glutathione, which has helped others with this condition.  Early signs are promising.  I did have some environmental allergies but the primary complaint was extreme sensitivity to supplements such that just a half a pill of the wrong product would cause me to fall apart.

If you have followed this blog even casually for any length of time, you know that even a half of a pill, whether too many or too few, can make the difference between a good day (10-15 miles @ sub-7:30 pace) and a terrible one (< 3 miles @ 9:00+ pace).  Sometimes, I go to bed fatigued and lethargic and wake up anxious and overstimulated.  That would not be so bad if the magic formula stayed constant but it seems to be changing on an almost weekly basis, resulting a my good days being few and far between.  If not for running, I would not be so well in tune with my body and likely would not have any good days.  When the formula is stable, I will run well almost every time out and feel good overall.  There have been a  few times in which I did not have to take any pills at all, most notably the first quarter of 2012.  During that time, I marched through "killer" workouts with relative ease and broke my personal records at every distance that I attempted, often by wide margins.

I am not the only one dealing with this.  It is a phenomenon known as multiple chemical sensitivity.  When patients report this to their doctors, the response is usually something to the effect of this: "Switch to a different brand or a different form (ex. magnesium malate instead of citrate) or find another type of supplement (herbs vs. glandulars vs. minerals) that is intended to have the same effect on your overall chemistry." That isn't very reassuring.  You may find another pill that works but at the end of the day, the chemical sensitivity is still there and then, what if you cannot tolerate the other pill?  What must you do if you know what is wrong with your chemistry and you know the pills necessary to fix it but your body rejects everything that you try?

It is true that fast oxidizers such as myself have highly permeable cell membranes that cannot easily regulate what goes in and out but when a patient gets closer to balance, this problem should improve.  That has not happened in my case.  Even in an extreme fast oxidizer, there is no reason why a single dose should make this much of a difference.  It is obvious that I have a major problem with the processing of vitamins and minerals.  According to a reliable source, it is the liver that is the central processing unit for vitamins and minerals.  Thus, improving the health of the liver may reduce the chemical sensitivity.  Some people blame my lower volume/higher quality training style for all my ills.  I hope this puts that issue to rest once and for all. First, an average of 40 MPW is hardly extreme even at faster paces.  Second, even if I did over train, it has absolutely nothing to do liver toxicity.  In fact, intense exercise actually helps flush out the toxins.

Other symptoms:
I still have a good build for a runner but my weight has been creeping up a bit this up this year.  I'm only a few pounds above my target weight of 155 lbs. but it seems to have nothing to do with my diet.  If I take too many pills, my weight will jump as much as 5 lbs in a single day.  Then, when I don't take any, it goes back down immediately.  Some fluctuation is normal but not like that.  Pardon the pun but this gives weight to my theory of the liver's inability to process key minerals.  I'll be tasteful with the next one.  Often, especially if I take one too many pills, it seems like I cannot fully empty my bladder.

 What to do about it?  The conservative measure is to eat a clean diet.  As it is, I rarely drink alcohol and have not had a soda in a nearly 5 months.  In fact, I've completely lost the taste for that poison.  When it comes to caffeine, I have gone off and on.  In the past, abstinence has helped but this year, it has not made much of a difference.  My primary source of caffeine is Red Bull, which contains less sugar, no high fructose corn syrup and only as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.  Certainly, it's not good for me but it could be worse.  Still, I've got to get off it once and for all.  I do NOT have a problem with cholesterol or triglycerides.

I've determined that I must go radical with the detox plan.  The recommended plan can be seen by doing a YouTube search for liver flush.  It first involves a short fast then drinking 2 mixtures of epsom salts and water followed by a nasty formula of olive oil mixed with grapefruit and lemon juice before bed.  Then, you have to drink 2 more servings of epson salts and water early the next morning.  They say that you will be amazed by what comes out the next day.  It is common to see dozens of large gallstones released from the liver and gallbladder. I may have to repeat this and/or take a liver supplement.

A lot of people will call this quackery but they say the same thing about hair testing.  Mainstream medicine could not help me so I have no respect for the point of view that all alternatives are quack.  I could go on and on about what's wrong with giving out drugs like candy but that's another rant.  I'm sure it will taste awful but I want y'all to imagine the most foul thing out there to drink.  If there was even a reasonable chance that it would improve my condition, I'd drink anything.  Surveys show that the vast majority of people that have gone through detox would recommend it.  One such survey showed that 76% rated the experience positively, only 2% negatively and 22% say that it made little difference.  That's better than almost any prescription.  I'm also betting that many of those 22% did not follow the plan as intended.

Emotional state:
My life does suck but it could be worse.  At least I can work a steady job and live independently.  I have a good family and friends who care about me.  Most days, I am able to run several miles at a decent pace.  The days that I cannot are the exception rather than the rule.  Many people that have advanced adrenal fatigue would love to be doing as well as I am.  I have 3 friends who cannot work because of disabilities.  All are women in their mid 30s-early 40s.  Every time I read CureZone or other health message boards, my heart feels sick over what others are going through. The only reason that I am not disabled is because I have been able to follow the hair test protocol fairly well.  Then again, there is the fear that things will continue to get worse especially if I cannot process any of the pills that I need.  I know exactly what I need to get in balance and it is Magnesium and Thym-Adren.  Right now, I can only take one or the other.  If it becomes neither, I could be doomed.

Hope for the future:
I am a man of faith and do believe in miracles.  If this does work out and I can somehow tolerate the pills that I need to get in balance and I am able to run up to my capabilities, there will be a book deal out of this for sure.  I have little doubt that it will sell fairly well too considering that this blog now has over 30K page views.  Combine my knowledge of body chemistry with my interpretation of Scripture and we could be looking at a difference not only in this life but also eternity.  I don't even care about the money.  In fact, I don't even plan to keep much of it.  I pledge to use a large portion of the proceeds to buy diagnostic tests for disabled patients who cannot afford it because they are too sick to work.  I know that God is able because I have heard testimonies of people healed from diseases that meant certain death but is He willing?  If the answer is no, He is not only letting me down but also everyone who would benefit from my knowledge.
I still pledge to serve Him no matter what and will report back with the outcome of the detox.


misha said...

Fascinating and admirable, that's how I describe your journey. THank you for posting these tips. I'm a runner: indoors on my treadmill. If outdoors, I can't guarantee to get a good run because of exposures; and the chance of getting sick (again) takes the fun out of it. I love nothing more than putting on my headphones and going for either a 40 min steady jog or a 50 min interval with a few hard sprints mixed in. It really gets my blood pumping, leaving me feeling good. On the days that I'm too sick, I really miss it. I also go for walks in the fresh air on the beach or down a few back country roads. I
ve just started the Neurol protocol (Dr Ziem's). My blog is http://the-labyrinth.com, come check it out some time. I like that you don't only blog about one thing. It sounds like you have a good life. Stay well, and I wish you health and happiness, Crazy Justin!

Crazy J said...

Thank you Misha. I am following your blog as well. Need to get over this hip injury NOW.

CandyAppleNetwork said...
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CandyAppleNetwork said...

I have never seen anything about your blog, but I have recently learned about "pathological detoxifiers" (I'm not trying to insult you this is really the name of a problem). It's when the Phase I detox part of you liver works to fast and the Phase II can't catch up and this makes your body even more toxic. Anyways, I think grapefruit alone can help this issue. Your detox sounds like torture so I just wanted to recommend having grapefruit juice a few times a day instead. It's actually what I'm trying now.

John Walker said...

Wow, this is amazing. I have been suffering with the same types of sensitivites for YEARS. I'm 46 and a wreck and just am now discovering that my problem has been my liver all this time. I too have sensitivities to magnesium, and I'm severely magnesium deficient. I also have it to many antibiotics. I've carried a strep infection for 4 years now because I haven't been able to take antibiotics. I now have a severe stomach infection and the augmentin is hit and miss because my I have to take magnesium with it. The whole story is long and sad. I too am about to try the liver cleanse since I'm really at a crossroads now... the sensitivities are getting worse over time and I feel like it will severely shorten my life if I don't get it resolved soon. Thanks for your blog. At least now I know I'm not crazy. (Doctors have no clue about this) Unfortunately family doesn't either.

Crazy J said...

John Walker,
Thanks for the comment. I also recommend a blood test for ceruloplamsin, copper and zinc. Ceruloplasmin is a liver protein responsible for transport of copper from the liver. Mine was low even after the detox and I'm sure it was even lower before. Good luck. Feel free to e-main me any time.

Miyushi Izumisa said...

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