Monday, December 16, 2013

Training 12/16-12/22

12/16- Woke up feeling awful then got worse after taking 1 Thym-Adren.  Time to switch back to magnesium.  I plan on running this evening just to see how bad I am.  Struggled at work too.
PM- Lame 3 miles in 23:40 (7:53 pace).  Even pace and actually thought it would be worse.  Nevertheless, I am switching back to the Mag.  Half mile cool.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=3.5

12/17- Horrible and it sucked too!  3.5 miles in 31:14 (8:56 pace).  Felt terrible when I woke up then overshot the balance point by taking too much Mag.  I called the doctor's office today and left a message to send the medical report if they have it.  14 days until the year is over.  I will declare myself semi-retired if it doesn't turn around by then and it is looking bleak.
Grade:D-/1 credit/distance=3.5

12/18- Horrible but did not suck quite as much as yesterday.  On 3 Mag pills, I was dizzy and saw stars for about 10 seconds.  On 4 pills, I was better but after a protein bar, which contained more Mag, I was noticeably worse.  Survived another lame 3 miles at Gold's in a time of 23:50 (7:57 pace) with pretty even splits (11:53/11:57).  I managed to stay off caffeine with little more than a mild headache.  Another 2-3 days off it can only help.  Weight was up to 162 (not good).  It is possible that I am trending off the Mag, in which case, the medical report had better be good otherwise I am officially screwed. No word from the doctor's office so I take that to mean that it is in the mail.  I will try to get by on 3 Mag tomorrow.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=3.0

12/19- Finally, a run that was NOT horrible.  5 miles in an even 37:30 (7:30 pace) with an even pace.  Effort was moderate with a pretty even pace (7:24-7:34).  Nothing from the doctor.  Tomorrow for sure assuming that it was mailed yesterday morning.  I was much better than yesterday as a result of cutting the Mag from 4 pills to 3 and actually enjoyed this workout.  Weight: -1 to 161.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=5.0

12/20- Tempo effort.  Lakeshore 5 in 35:28 (7:06 pace).  Even pace (17:42/17:46).  This was far short of my normal tempo pace but am showing continued improvement on lowered doses.  I was down to only 2 pills today.  No medical report yet again.  I will probably have to wait until early next year.  Added a mile cool.
Grade:C/2 credit/distance=6.0

12/21- Down to 1 Mag and it may have been 1 too many.  2 miles on Lakeshore in a pitiful 16:20 (8:10 pace) with splits of 7:45-8:35.  I might be better in the afternoon after it begins to clear.  This will be my one freebie this week.

PM- Wisteria 2 mile in 15:12 (7:36 pace).  Down half in 7:20, Up half in 7:52.
Grade:None/0 credit/distance=4.0

12/22- AM- First attempt to run when off the pills was a disaster.  Quit after 1 mile in 7:53 and fading.  I confess that I am almost relieved by this revolting development.  I now know that I am not in balance so I won't be upset when I get the medical report.  It's back to the Thym-Adren and I will alternate it the Mag.  I may switch back in 1-3 days.  Weight:-4= 157 lbs. Back in the target range.

PM- Thym-Adren seemed to help early but surprise surprise, I overshot the balance point by taking 3 pills.  2 pills may have worked.  As it is, I hit Mile 1 of a planned tempo in 7:19 fading fast so I punted and ran another mile in 9+ as a cool down.
Grade:F/2 credit/distance=3.0

Weekly summary:
Future looks bleak.  I will try alternating Mag and Thym-Adren next week and if that doesn't work, it's over.  I will admit defeat.  GPA has dropped below 2.50 on the year.
Distance= 28.0/ GPA= 11.1/8= 1.39


Yo Momma Runs said...

Not good news. Thinking about you and praying for you -- and hoping that things improve.

Crazy J said...

Your support really means a lot to me and I'll always appreciate it. I wish I could be more positive but I just can't take this anymore. Semi-retirement means that I will only train occasionally and race maybe 3-4 times per year just for fun only if I can enjoy the event.