Monday, December 23, 2013

Training 12/23-12/31

12/23- 1 Mile at Gold's in an even 8:00 before heading home.  Never felt good during the run and faded badly at the end.  2 Thym-Adren may have worked but I tried an enzyme supplement that clearly hurt me.
I have a last ditch plan to solve this instability so stay tuned.  I believe that it is a liver issue and the plan is detox.  The doctor finally called me back and I have not received the medical report because the lab NEVER RECEIVED IT!
Grade:F/1 credit/distance=1.0

12/24- Planned rest day

12/25- Planned rest day.

12/26- Very poor performance at Gold's.  3 miles in 23:37 (7:52 pace) on a magnesium day.  Tomorrow is a Thym-Adren day.  Started off pretty well but the pace steadily slowed after the first half mile.  Splits were 7:30-7:54-8:13.  I hope to do the detox this weekend.  I need 2 grapefruits and 1 lemon to mix the key concoction.  If I can't do it this weekend, next weekend for sure.  I do not expect an instant miracle cure but based on what others have reported, there is a realistic chance of improvement in my tolerance for key supplements.
Grade:D+/1 credit/distance=3.0

12/27- Thym-Adren day and I was only slightly better.  Same old tired 3 mile run at Gold's in a time of 22:57 (7:39 pace) running nearly all out.  Pace was much more even this time around (7:37-7:43-7:37).  Simply put, 2 pills simply won't cut it but I cannot process any more right now.  The detox is a "go" for tomorrow.  I have purchased all the necessary items.  I have to fast for several hours so I'm off to get a steak dinner.
 Grade:C/1 credit/distance=3.0

12/28- Detox.  No supplements allowed.  I can only eat dry cereal until 2 PM then it's nothing to eat or drink with the exception of the detox drinks.  No running today.

12/29- 4x1 Mile at Gold's.  I started the workout on zero pills but I took 1 Mag during each interval.  Splits were 8:50-8:04-7:23-6:27.  This is encouraging.  I got significantly better after each pill and showed the greatest improvement after pill #3.  Tomorrow is big.  It's a Thym-Adren day and I will see if I can tolerate more than 2 pills.  If so, I will see if I can tolerate at least a trace of Mag.  I am just 3 miles shy of 1,750 on the year.
Grade:C/2 credit/distance=4.0

12/30- Thym-Adren day.  1 mile in 7:25 on 2 pills.  Popped another 2 pills and this time, I DID NOT TIGHTEN UP!  I found another gear and covered the next 3 miles in 20:43 (6:54 pace).  Next, I sprayed on some Mag chloride then proceeded to clock a 5:56 mile on tired legs.  I declare that the detox has been a success.  I will not be retiring tomorrow.  I may still be sensitive but at least I can tolerate the pills again.  Passed 1,750 miles on the year.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=5.0

12/31- 2 mile quickie in 14-flat (7:00 pace).  Felt good but a bit overstimulated.  I have increased my dosage but it's not as high as it was before.  I should be able to tolerate as much as I need.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=2.0

Weekly summary:
Nightmare year is over.
Distance=18.0/ GPA= 16.7/8= 2.09
Year totals were 1,754 miles. 17 wins-33 losses with a 2.47 GPA.

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