Monday, December 9, 2013

Training 12/9-12/15

12/9- AM- Took 2 Thym-Adren and no Cal/Mag this morning.  Result was a lame workout but not a pathetic one.  3 miles in 23:45 (7:55 pace) with a slight negative split.  That triple yesterday's distance at a pace nearly 1 minute faster.

PM- Took 2 more Thym-Adren later in the day.  Legs were heavy but it was a pretty solid session for a planned easy day.  Still, a quality session would not have been pretty.  Finished 6 miles in a time of 45:06 (7:31 pace) and showed restraint in not going for the sub-7:30.  Just a slight fade (22:28-22:38) but that's even enough.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=9.0
Update: No medical report and it's usually here by now.  Perhaps the lab was closed over Thanksgiving.  It appears that taking the Cal/Mag instead of the Thym-Adren has not affected the downward trend.  However, a downward trend is good news ONLY IF my numbers are better.  I'm morbidly curious about what a 5th pill will do and if it's bad, it should clear by tomorrow.

12/10- No big surprise.  The 5th pill was a mistake.  Back down to 4 today and should have been more aggressive with the cut.  Lame interval session at Vestavia.  8x400 in 85 (5:40 pace) (range was 82-89).  That's weak.  I should be doing this in 75 seconds each.  I'm cutting myself some slack.  It was 40 degrees and windy plus I've done no interval work in more than 2 months.  It did feel good to finally run at sub-6 pace.  I was never tired but just could not access my top gears.
Grade:C+/2 credit/distance=3.0

12/11- The downward trend continues and IT HAD BETTER BE BECAUSE MY NUMBERS ARE COMING IN LINE!  Cut the dosage down to 3 and felt better overall than yesterday.  Workout was decent.  5K time trial in 20:38 (6:38 pace).  Splits were 6:34-6:43-6:42-39.  1st half: 10:18, 2nd half: 10:20.  Pretty darn even if you ask me.  That's slightly slower than my 20:27 last week but I'm okay with this one.  Again, I probably would have been better on a lower dose.  I think I could go sub-20 now if I hit the pills perfectly.  The last 48 seconds will come when I recover the lost fitness.  Weight is back under 160, which is a good thing.
Grade:B/2 credits/distance=4.0

12/12- Good day for me.  Took half a day off work to go to the DMV to register the car so I got a chance to run in the daylight outside.  Lakeshore 5 at easy effort in a strong 36:19 (7:16 pace) with a slight negative split (18:14/18:05).  Added a mile cool at a pace not much slower.  Dosage was 2.5 pills and I hit it perfectly.  2 pills= over-stimulation, 3 pills= lethargic.  If my dose was 2.5 on Monday, it would not have been enough and 2.5 will likely be too much by the weekend.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=6.0

12/13- Easy 5 at Gold's in 35:13 (7:03 pace).  Down to 2 pills and it was perfect!  Added a mile of fartlek with the last 200 @ 4:30 pace then a half mile cool on the 'mill.  OUTSTANDING!
Grade:A+/1 credit/distance=6.5

12/14- Should have cut the dose to 1.5 today.  Ended up just doing a junk run on Lakeshore.  2 miles in 14:20 (7:10 pace) with splits of 7:18-7:02.  Added a half mile cool.  I could have gotten through a double digit run but it would have been very painful.  Better to put it off until tomorrow.  It will be colder but sunny.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=2.5

12/15- Cut the dosage down to 1.5 and it was not aggressive enough.  I got off to a great start then saw the wheels come off in Mile 3.  I punted from there but could not have gone much faster.  I totaled 6 miles in a time of 46:55 (7:49 pace).  That's acceptable for a planned easy day but on a long run, it won't cut it.  1st half was a strong 21:50, 2nd half was 25:05 with the last half mile over 9 minute pace.  The same thing would have happened yesterday if I had continued.
Grade:D-/2 credits/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
An up and down week that ended in another loss.  2 weeks to go in this nightmare of a year but with the dosage going down so rapidly, it appears that there will be a resolution (one way or the other) by the end of the year.  I'm at 2.50 on the year with 2 weeks to go.  Is it too much to ask just to stay above that?  I must call the doctor to check on the medical report.
Distance= 37.0/ GPA= 26.6/10=2.66

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