Sunday, February 9, 2014

Possible status of my health

Please bear with Doctor J as I am sure that this post will be very esoteric information. Those without significant knowledge of the hair test protocol will not understand.  This one is more for my reference to get my thoughts down.

I technically escaped adrenal exhaustion back in 2008 before I started this blog. As is commonly the case, my system overshot the balance point, leaving me with extreme adrenal over-activity.  I expected that it would take time to normalize but surely, the hard part was over.  I never thought that it would take this long nor did I expect that I would have to endure so much instability. 

Thym-Adren was the key pill to normalize adrenal function and when my system could process it properly; it was very effective in lowering my tissue sodium and potassium from extreme high levels to near normal.  Sodium and Potassium are two minerals associated with key adrenal hormones and are the basis for testing adrenal function at the cellular level.  The improvements in the body chemistry showed in my race results as well.  My 1:28 half marathon in Texas would not have been possible without more balanced chemistry.

This is the third time in three years that the Thym-Adren has stopped working.  All three times, I was forced off it.  It was not such that I had been taking it and simply realized that it was no longer necessary.  Let's review a little history.

In 2012, I was forced off all my pills except for Paramin (Cal/Mag citrate).  After 3 months of the best running of my life, I unraveled after my triumph at Rumpshaker.  I was soon forced off the Paramin as well and my adrenals spiraled out of control by the summer.  It proved to be a processing issue due to a deficiency of the enzyme xylose isomerase that converts fructose to glucose.  After starting on the Fructosin supplement, I found that once again, I could take the Thym-Adren.  On a side note, this enzyme deficiency may have been caused by very low magnesium levels.  Shortly after I began using transdermal magnesium, I began to get a negative reaction to Fructosin due to my multiple chemical sensitivity.  I recently tried Fructosin again after the detox with presumably normal Mag levels and presumably a relatively healthy liver.  I found that it did not have a significant effect.  I experienced neither a breakthrough that allowed me to tolerate mega doses nor the body aches and depression that came when I took it with normal Mag but multiple chemical sensitivity.  Many of my readers question whether I still endorse Fructosin.  That answer is YES!  There may be other causes of that enzyme deficiency besides low magnesium.

Thanks to the Fructosin and mega Thym-Adren plus the right balance of copper and Vitamin C, I rebounded in late 2012-early 2013.  If not for an emergency bathroom stop, I would have run a low-1:29 in Los Angeles on a more difficult course than Texas.  However, by Springtime, the chemical sensitivity had progressed to the point in which I could not take Mag with Thym-Adren and eventually by the Fall, began rejecting Thym-Adren when taken alone.  I tried Endodren (adrenal stimulator) as well as many other mineral supplements and got the same negative response of body aches, fatigue and depression.  I know now that my body rejected the Thym-Adren along with everything else because of the congestion and toxicity in my liver.

It appeared that I had broken through again after the detox allowed me to take Thym-Adren and magnesium together.  However, the dosage began trending down and the downward trend accelerated after the 2nd detox until I could not tolerate Thym-Adren any more.  This time however, I could take other supplements such as Juice Plus and ADHS that had given me trouble before the detox.  Could it be possible that the detox was the key to escaping my pattern of extreme adrenal activity?  I took Thym-Adren yesterday after Round 3 of detox and got the same old negative reaction.  Today, I took the Endodren and I feel somewhat better.

So what in the world does this all mean?   I won't know for sure until I get the medical report but I see 3 possibilities:
1) Continued extreme fast oxidation with no explanation for opposite symptoms.
This would be the back breaker for me.  It would mean that there is still another piece of the puzzle that I have yet to solve before I can take Thym-Adren again.  It also means that Thym-Adren is still necessary and if I cannot take it, I am screwed.  This seems unlikely because I can take most everything else without a problem.  Thus, processing is unlikely to be the problem.

2) A significant deficiency of a key trace  mineral.
This is possible and if so, it is a relatively simple fix.  All I have to do is take that key mineral and the over-stimulation will kick in hard and force me back on Thym-Adren, which puts me back on track to balance.  Since I had been taking Thym-Adren up until very recently, my numbers likely won't be horrible even if that's the case.  It is imperative that I send in my sample early next week.  It is true that caffeine does deplete key minerals but I abstained for 5 days and saw my Thym-Adren intolerance get worse, not better.  One pill that I will try is Vitamin E with selenium, which has been low before.

3) A reversal to slow oxidation.
I have hoped for this scenario many times.  It would explain why I can suddenly take adrenal stimulators and feel better. It is possible that detox was my only way out of the extreme fast oxidation pattern and now that I am free, my system will eventually self-regulate.  I will gladly take Cal+Mag alone for maintenance. I may have to take Endodren for a short time until that happens but I promise it won't be for 6 years.  If my body is in balance, I will be capable of doing things that were never possible before.  That includes non-running activities as well.

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