Monday, February 3, 2014

Training 2/3-2/9

2/3- Made it through the day without caffeine with nothing more than a mild headache.  Thym-Adren must go down AGAIN!  I'll be all the way down to 2 plus 375 mg. Cal+Mag.  I don't even need to run to tell I'm off target so you know it must be pretty bad.  As for the caffeine, I suspect it may be driving my Mag down a bit. My only real symptoms are that I get numb a little easier and I've had some sneezing.  I may be lower than ideal but likely not deficient.  I predict my Mag RBC will be maybe 5.3-5.5 (optimal is 6.0-7.0).  I can raise that by staying off the caffeine.  Raising the Mag will lower the key Na/Mg (adrenal ratio) so this development make some sense.  In the past, abstinence increased my tolerance for pills but that was before the detox.  Hip is too sore to run.
Grade:F/1 credit/distance=0

2/4- Very depressing day.  The lack of running is really starting to affect my mood and I'm afraid that even with the prolotherapy, I could be out another 4-6 weeks.  Again, I made it through the day without caffeine without problems.  My muscles might be a tad less sore but I'm still getting a lot of popping and cracking in my joints.  I'm afraid that once again, I cannot take Thym-Adren with Mag.  I've got detox on Fri-Sat but I'm not sure how much effect it will have this time. After this 3rd round, I won't do it again for another few months.   I've been trending down on pills for 3 weeks.  I will try a substitute product called ADHS tomorrow, which is an adrenal modulator.  If that doesn't cause ill-effects, I may not need Thym-Adren.  If it does, it's a processing issue.
VERY SAD news today via Facebook, one of my college classmates has died of cancer at the age of 32! That breaks my heart.   She was a woman of faith and I know where she is now.
Grade:F/1 credit/distance=0
Update: I cannot take Thym-Adren but was no worse after taking ADHS.  Prior to the detox, I could not take ADHS at all.  That's one piece of good news on a really bad day.

2/5- Felt somewhat better today.  I'm back on 750 mg. of Cal+Mag with no Thym-Adren.  Taking ADHS does not seem to make much of a difference.  It is imperative that I send in my hair sample next week after the detox.  I'm VERY interested to know the results this time.  Legs are a bit less sore today and even my hip seems a little better but I am still a ways off from running.
Grade:F/1 credit/distance=0

2/6- Good news.  I got a decent performance appraisal at work and earned a raise.  The hip pain has diminished but I'm still out until further notice.  I was hoping to get my prolo appointment moved up to next Tuesday but I will have to wait until Wednesday.  Detox is tomorrow and I will attempt to take Thym-Adren again after that.  If I still cannot, the medical report had better show radical change or I am screwed.
Grade:F/1 credit/distance=0

2/7- Detox was today after a full day's work.  It was hard not to eat lunch but I got through it with nothing more than a headache.  No real nausea this time.  Tomorrow, I will try to take Thym-Adren again and if I cannot, I know it's not a processing issue.  No running until the injured leg feels the same as the non-injured one.  5 days off caffeine and I cannot say that I feel any better.

2/8- Completed the detox.  Headache was bad but there was no nausea this time.  Again, I passed quite a few stones.  They were not as numerous as last time but I got out more tiny tan ones as well as about 2 dozen larger green stones (roughly pea sized).  The Thym-Adren verdict is in!  I still cannot take it.   Now,  I know that my body has rejected it for a reason that is unrelated to liver processing and toxicity.  It's premature to say definitively why this has happened but I do have a couple of theories.  A full post is coming tomorrow.  I am pleased that I got a key question answered.

Update:  Tomorrow will be a big day.  I am going to try the Endodren (adrenal stimulator).  Prior to the first detox, I could not tolerate EITHER the Thym-Adren OR  Endodren with the Mag.  Now, if I can take the Endodren but not the Thym-Adren, there is a very good chance that my chemistry has shifted.  Of course, I won't know the full details until I get the medical report.  The most likely scenarios are a significant deficiency in a key mineral OR a shift to slow oxidation.  More on this will come in a separate post. On a side note, I believe that I am getting close to a return to running.

2/9- Got some news today.  Took 1 Endodren pill and felt slightly better.  Went to the gym and walk/jogged a mile with just a trace of pain in the hip.  I don't think that I am quite ready but I will try again next weekend.  I then tried some Vitamin E plus selenium and felt no different.  NO SENSITIVITY!  I still may be deficient in a key mineral but it's not selenium.  It could be chromium or manganese but I'm willing to wait until I get the results.
 Update:  Took a 2nd Endodren and again felt slightly better.  Jogged a mile in 7:49.  The Endodren contains manganese so that's likely not it.  I may try chromium.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=2.0

Weekly summary:
Well, I got some answers this week.  There will be more news in the coming weeks.
Distance=1.0/ GPA= 0.10
YTD: 146 miles.  

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