Sunday, May 31, 2015

Training 5/30-6/7 (race week)

5/30- I recently learned that sulfur/CBS issues can impair lung function so I will likely go with the molybdenum without the glutathione when it arrives.  The need for Serine is clearly increasing.  Took one last night and it clearly wasn't enough so I took 1 more when I woke up and delivered perhaps my best performance of the year.  I was liberal with the water stops on a humid day but my moving time was 74:05 for 10 miles for a strong 7:25 pace.  Not bad for someone who has been doing mostly junk runs over the last 6 months.  Training is overrated.
Distance= 10.0

5/31- One of the most embarrassing group runs.  Felt very strong early and cruised through the first 2 in 14:14 but recognized that I could not finish just about a half mile later so I turned around and went back.  Managed a 7:26 in Mile 3 but after that I was done.  Mile 4 was over 9 so I quit and completed the walk of shame.  Because I turned around, only a couple people saw me walking.

PM- Popped another Serine pill and was better.  2 miles in 14:25 with a fairly even pace.  I could have gone longer but at this stage, it is wise to limit myself to 30 MPW.  Need to increase my Serine and take it in the morning.  I will be ordering the stronger stuff from the Health Coach and am confident that it will NOT be a waste of money.

6/1- AWFUL.  It seems like Serine has replaced ADHS as the one supplement that I absolutely cannot do without.  I could NOT break 10 minutes for 1 mile today.  I need to stop taking NADH, which is intended to help produce ATP and improve mitochondrial function.  Another failure and illustrates why I need professional help.  What will happen to my reaction to Serine when stop?

UPDATE:  The molybdenum has arrived sooner than expected so it is okay to try it now.  I wasn't any worse after one pill and may have been a hair better.  If I take it with glutathione as planned, it could drop copper too quickly and force me back on the Liver.  Still 8 days before the next consult.

PM- Wisteria Mile in 8:12 with even splits for an improvement of 2 minutes in just 6 hours.  Again, it is all about the pills.

6/2- This is NUTS!  AM- Took 3 Serine pills, which helped but were not enough.  Passed 2 miles fading in 14:51.  Mile 3 likely would have been near 8.  Popped a molybdenum and got worse immediately.  The next half mile took 4:43 (9:26 pace) then tried a glutathione and much to my surprise and relief, I was a lot better.  The next half mile took just 3:03 (6:06 pace) for an overall time of 22:37 (7:32 avg). Need to raise the Serine for sure.  Not sure what to do about the moly/glutathione.  All in One does contain moly but I may need a mega dose to get what I need.  The All in One also contains some sulfur containing amino acids.  The questions never end.

PM- Just like last time, I got a temporary boost from the glutathione but it faded within a few hours then left me worse off than I had been before.  I have now exhausted every option for the CBS mutation.  All have failed.  My only option is to take more All in One.  I'm giving it until the end of next week.  If I don't see sustained improvement by then, I'm taking a planned break for at least the rest of the month.

6/3- Solid Trak Shak run.  Moving time was 35:37 for 5 miles (7:07 pace) with even splits but once again, it was interrupted by a portajohn stop in Mile 3.  Could be a detox reaction.  I took nothing for CBS or sulfur today.  Increased Serine to 5 pills and ordered the stronger stuff from Health Coach.  I will try to increase the All in One from 2 pills to 3 tomorrow, which will be my last run before the race.

6/4- RELAPSE.  That does it.  One more day like this and I'm shutting it down for a month.
1 Mile in 9:26.

6/5- Improved to 8:24 after cutting out the Serine.  Leaving for Asheville.

6/6- Finished the Asheville 10K in 49:04 (7:52 pace).  This appears to be the new normal.

6/7- Run on the Silver Comet.  Hoped to run 6 but had to settle for 4.  Again, I blew up early after a good start.  1st half: 15:06, 2nd half: 18:34.  If this had been a loop course, it would have included the walk of shame.

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