Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Training 5/4-5/10

It has become painfully clear that I MUST talk to the Health Coach.  I don't mind paying the money but I had better get top notch service in return and I will not play the "buy supps from me or else" game.  The CBS/NOS product is a NO!  I cannot even take a quarter of a pill without a reaction and the zinc/copper sensitivity is BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!  A quarter of a liver pill is not enough but half is too much.  I simply cannot manage this on my own.

I have ordered another SOD supplement and a product called Butyrate for ammonia issues.  I'm also looking into an ammonia blood test.  Needless to say, all my emotional strength is gone.

5/4- Horrible has become the norm as of late.  2 miles in 16:50 with splits of 7:53-8:57.

5/5- Took a quarter of a liver pill and improved to 15:26 with even splits.  If I had taken half ....

5/6- Slightly better.
AM- 2 miles in 14:57 but faded badly at the end.
PM- Trak Shak 3 in 22:20 (7:27 pace) but this time, I kept the pace even

5/7- A better with or without test with 5-Methyl Folate and I failed it.
AM- 1 mile in 7:30 and fading at the end.  Popped half a pill and was MUCH worse.
PM- Got some clearance.  2.5 on Lakeshore in 19:40 (7:52 pace) but this time, it was evenly paced.
4 miles on the day and so far, 13 on the week.

5/8- Canterbury 4 in 29:52 (7:28 pace) with a slight negative split.  Not half bad today.  I took half a Liver pill and tolerated a bit of taurine.  I'm not touching any MTHFR support or CBS/NOS until further notice.  I want to try the Butyrate tomorrow and I want to see where I stand with the blood ammonia test.

5/9- Attempted the BTC group run and ended up with another walk of shame.  Held a sub-8 pace for 2 miles then crashed and called it a day after 3 miles in 25:57 (8:39 pace) with a 3rd mile over 10 minutes.  Tacked on another junk mile in the evening and felt no better.  Filled out the form for the Health Coach consult and I could have my appointment as early as next week.

5/10- This is NUTS!  It was another better with or without test.  Led off with a comfortable 7:18 mile then tried butyrate (for ammonia) and had seen enough with a 4:32 over the next half mile (9:04 pace) then took a SOD pill and improved to 3:38 (7:16 pace).  Walked a lap then ran a 3rd mile in 7:39.  Butyrate is a NO so that means I have exhausted every option for CBS.  They all failed but the SOD is a success and may help the copper sensitivity.

Totaled 24 miles.

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