Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wellness plan from Health Coach 7

Running update:
An extremely hollow victory but here it is.  I have had 4 straight non-horrible days (3+ miles @ sub-8 pace).  The best of which was a group run that did not involve the walk of shame in which I managed 8 miles @ 7:44 pace.  I will be traveling to Asheville, North Carolina next weekend to finish up the 10K challenge.  At 2,200 feet altitude on a hilly course, I'll be lucky to finish much below 50 minutes.  I don't really care.  I've done 9 states already so I might as well finish.  It should be a fun trip too.  I'll get to see my old stomping grounds at Clemson and Greenville then catch the North Georgia mountains on my way back and stop at Nick's place in Atlanta.

I have signed up for Peachtree but I will likely scratch.  I don't think I can enjoy that event unless I can break 45 minutes and it would be a downer after the solid effort I had there last year (41:54).

I am still planning on those last 2 half marathons this Fall (Pennsylvania and South Carolina) to finish the Half 2 Run challenge.  I don't think I can go 13.1 without walking right now but I've got another 3.5 months to train and try to get healthy.

Now about the Wellness Plan.  I expected to get a few recommended tests and supplements.  Instead, I got a 26 page document detailing my genome in which the mutations were categorized by the following categories: Methylation, Metabolism, Inflammation, Neurotransmitters, Hormones.  It was quite valuable and I've learned quite a bit.  I also got some recommendations about my diet.  That was nothing earth shattering and I pretty much already knew it.  One important point is that it was recommended that I continue my running program with a mix of speed and long runs.  I already knew it but I am best suited to Middle distances such as the Mile-5K so that's what I'll train for if I ever get healthy again.

As for the supplement plan:
That was disappointing.  9 tests were suggested along with 15 or 16 supplements to consider.  I can't afford all that and even if I could, there's no way that I'm taking that many pills.  The top supplement listed was a product called PhosphoMax, which is mostly phosphatidyl choline.  It costs $100 and it's iffy that it will work.  I do know that a choline/inositol supplement did NOT work.  Also recommended was a Methyl B-12, which I know won't work because of COMT issues (he should have known that too) and a MTHFR product which I had already told him that it didn't work,  Fortunately, there is chance to straighten this all out.  I have a FREE 15 minute session in which I can ask all the questions that I want then, we will agree on the 2-3 supplements that are most important.  If I can find an effective product that is similar for less money, I'll do it and I ain't playing the "buy it from me or else" game.  Also, I am still waiting for my recording of the consult and will complain if I don't receive it soon.  For $250, customer service should be better than this.

One suggestion:
I really wish that these companies would offer a sample such as maybe a 5 day supply at a lower price so the patient can determine whether or not it will work for them.  I won't pay $100 unless I am nearly certain that it will work.  Offering a partial money back guarantee if say 3/4 of the bottle remains would be really nice but it's too much to ask given the potential for tampering.

Possible key:
The most important question that needs to be answered is the relationship of B-12 with copper and ceruloplasmin production.  I asked the Health Coach via e-mail and predictably got no response. Thanks to Facebook,  I do know that where there is copper deficiency, a B-12 deficiency is likely.  I also know that B-12 is involved in mercury detox, which may play a role in sensitivity issues.  Does B-12 help produce copper and ceruloplasmin?  That, I do not know and I'll have to find out with another test in about 2 months.  The Liver Beef has been great at raising my ceruloplasmin but while an important number looks a lot better than it did last year, I feel worse overall.  I hope to quit the Liver and simply maintain-improve my Cp by taking the B-12.  Health Coach was leery about me taking a liver glandular as well.

My options:
1. Glutathione-  In the past, it only worked when I was taking the Liver and in theory, it will clean out the unbound copper quickly and leave me with a zinc excess.  Of course, that was before I started on the B-12.  Again, DOES B-12 PRODUCE COPPER?  So much depends on that answer.  Since it is sulfur containing, I must be judicious with it because of the CBS issues. For the time being, it is a YES.  I did a better with or without workout today.  I opened with 3@7:38 then popped a glutathione and ran a 6:56 after a short rest.

2. Phosphatidyl Serine- This lowers cortisol and adrenaline.  My adrenaline was very low when first tested, which is common among adrenal fatigue patients but normalized in 2009 and would not be surprised if it has since been trending up.  Despite taking mega doses of adrenal suppressants and modulators, I wake up every morning VERY overstimulated and have to take mega doses again just to function.  MAYBE just MAYBE I won't be so dependent on that stuff if I take this.  My weight has been steadily creeping up the last few years and though I still look fit, I am getting a little soft in the midsection.  I'm up to 165 now, which is 10 lbs above my target.  Excess cortisol may be the culprit.  This has about a 50/50 chance of working for me.

3. St. John's Wort- This is intended to improve my mood by balancing my serotonin and dopamine.  It'll be a case in which I finish the bottle and be done with it.  Again, it's got about a 50/50 chance of working.

The FREE consult is on June 9th so I'll have plenty of time to experiment.

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