Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lithium and B-12

I will not know for sure until I get the results but Yasko's theory as to why I became intolerant to B-12 is low levels of Lithium, which is required to transport B-12 into the cells.  Without it, the B-12 will simply accumulate in the blood and cause a toxic buildup of Cobalt which weakens cardio function.  Lithium was a regular part of my formula from 2008-2010 and during that time, I DID have some ridiculous sensitivities with Taurine and Chromium but for the most part, it was not a moving target.  If my formula was off by a pill or 2, yes I could feel it but it did not make the difference between a PR and a disaster.  Even on my bad days, I was usually able to fight it and salvage a 21/45/1:40 level of performance.

The prescription form of Lithium that is given to bipolar patients is Lithium carbonate, which is toxic and should be avoided.  The form that I used to take was Li-Zyme Forte from Biotics Research.  You would have to take 20 pills to get the same amount of elemental Lithium as a prescription.  I am not sure of the form of Lithium.  It was simply listed as "from vegetable culture" but rest assured that it was very different from the carbonate form.  If you don't believe me, Google "Lithium the misunderstood mineral."  Still, excess doses can damage thyroid and kidney function.  I had a very good year in 2009 that ended with a 1:32:57 (13.1@7:05) in Baton Rouge and knew that a sub-1:30 was within reach.  2010 was characterized by a series of good but not great races.  Then, I was forced off the Lithium and had 6 weeks of sensational training before collapsing.  Why did it happen?  Too much Lithium slowed my thyroid hormones and it was not enough to solve my mineral imbalances (excess Na and K).  I can't go back in time but MAYBE low dose Lithium plus Thym-Adren could have done it.  I have also recently learned that Lithium is critical for MTR and MTRR genes, which in my case are severely defective.  MTR and MTRR and responsible for the production of methionine, which I believe to be responsible for my extreme sensitivity issues.

Lithium and Cobalt are tested on my hair test lab (ARL) but I found that even when I was supplementing with Li, my lab value was always very low while Cobalt was barely detectable.  Other patients showed a similar pattern so I'm not sure that ARL is accurate in this regard.  Yasko's lab is accurate for this but since the sample is washed, it won't tell me much about my adrenal function.  I'll do a post about the different HTMA labs in the near future.  It is also possible that the "vegetable culture" is poorly absorbed into the cells much like different form of Magnesium are more bio-available than others.  The form that I tried to take recently is Lithium Orotate, which most definitely is easily absorbed.  The first couple of days on it went very well but it was a steady decline after that.  I am HOPING that I must limit it to just 1-2x/week early because too much B-12 too soon will cause problems.  I won't know for sure if I am deficient until I get the results.

Amalgam removal:
Yasko's hair test is ideal to determine "probable" Mercury toxicity using Cutler's counting method.  I'll explain this later but a low hair Mercury doesn't mean that you are in the clear.  It can hide in organs and thus not revealed on a hair test. What I will be looking for is a lot of very high and/or very low levels because Mercury impairs mineral transport.  The sensitivity is indeed evidence of mercury issues.  However, the fact that my numbers DO move in the right direction when I can tolerate the right pills is evidence that I do NOT have such issues.  Because of the costs and risk of complications, I would really prefer NOT to go through with it but if it's my only hope to get my life back, IT IS A RISK THAT I WILL HAVE TO TAKE!  We'll see what happens with the Lithium and the hair test results.
Since stopping the B-12:
I can no longer tolerate SUOX drops OR ADHS
I can tolerate Thym-Adren and Sparga which I could not take when on B-12.

Last point:
Somebody  said that they wished that I never pursued the genetic solution.  That is certainly a valid point because I am most definitely WORSE off now than I was in February.  Still, what had been going on back then was COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.  Here's a review:
- needed exactly a 1:1 ratio of Cal/Mag.  Sometimes, it was 500.  Sometimes, it was 750.
-needed exactly a 20:1 ratio of zinc/copper and was shooting at a moving target.
-needed exactly 50 mg of methyl folate.
Obviously, I HAD to try to better my situation.  I ran a 1:34 in Indy last November but slipped to a 1:37 in Tulsa and a 1:42 in Phoenix.  I believe that a collapse would have occurred with or without the genetic supplements.
Finding out that I had Balkan, Scandinavian and Jewish ancestry was also worth finding.

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Librarian said...

Regarding your comment that your hair test results improve by supplementing, unfortunately this doesn't discount mercury toxicity. It's normal for those with mercury toxicity to feel better with the right support, and for the hair test to look less deranged.