Sunday, September 20, 2015

Training 9/21-9/27

I am entering this week less than 6 weeks out from my retirement date.  It's Lithium alone with no B12 this week.  I'm not getting any positive or negative effects from Sparga so I'll finish out the bottle.  I am still not sure if it will help excess taurine.  Do I give the CBS drops another try and hope they work on Lithium?  Do I reduce the methyl folate in Jigsaw Mag? It never ends.  I may get Yasko's hair test results next week and that should either confirm or rule out mercury toxicity,

9/21- AM- First session was a success.  3 miles at Gold's in 22:14 (7:25 pace).  Even splits with something left at the end but still feel a little loopy.

PM- It seems that my tolerance for taurine has DECREASED since I stopped the B12.  I'll have to ask Yasko what she makes of that.  I should get the results soon.  After an ill-advised Red Bull, I struggled through another 3 miler.  Despite hurting, I managed to finish comfortably below the Mendoza line with a time of 23:44 (7:55 pace).  Splits were 7:36-8:05-8:03.  I expect to be much improved tomorrow.

9/22- Was NOT much improved.  In fact, I was MUCH worse.  In what should not be a surprise, Lithium + mega Thym-Adren = too much adrenal suppression.  This is true with or without B12.  1 mile stop and go at Gold's in 7:21 (2:14-2:23-2:44) so I was over 8 pace on the last third.  Popped 2 more Thym-Adren and got MUCH worse.  Did not even attempt an evening session.  Tomorrow, I'm cutting it down to 4 Thym-Adren.  If Thym-Adren doesn't work, it's back to ADHS.

9/23- Cut the Thym-Adren dose from 6 pills to 4 and was rewarded by a significant improvement.
AM- Gold's 3 in 20:57 (6:59 pace).  Opened with a 6:49 then hung on for a pair of 7:04s.  Still didn't feel quite "right" but it's been so long that I almost forget how that felt.  It is certainly possible to that cutting it to 3 pills will yield a time close to 20.  That is for 3 miles, not a 5K.

PM- Sparse crowd at the Trak Shak 5 which was a surprise given that it was a beautiful evening.  Clear skies with temps cooling to the 70s with low humidity.  I dialed back the effort a bit still had a pretty solid performance.  Finished the 5 mile loop in 38:01 (7:36 pace) with a slight fade (18:51-19:10) but that was partly by design.
UPDATE:  Mailed out the urine test for essential minerals and toxic metals.  We'll see how that correlates with the hair test.  Word on the street is that it may be quite different.  I'm still avoiding the B-12 but plan to re-introduce it slowly this weekend.

9/24- Shooting for a sub-20 for 3 miles.  Fell on my face.  Apparently, Lithium+ Thym-Adren at any dose will not work.  I went down to 3 pills and it still did not work.  Adding a 4th made it worse.
AM- 1 mile at Gold's in 7:13 with splits of 2:11-2:22-2:40 so again, I was only doing 8:00 pace when I finished and was rapidly slowing.

PM- 2 miles at Oak Mountain track in 14:56 (7:28 pace).  Even splits (7:27-7:29).  Pleased with my ability to hold that pace despite feeling awful.  Adding some ADHS helped so that's what I'm going with tomorrow.  If that fails, I'll have to come up with some type of rotation with the Lithium.

9/25- AM- Lithium + ADHS is a NO.  The answer to yesterday's question is a rotation with Lithium.  It will probably be something like 2 days on- 1 day off.  If it keeps going like this, YES I will retire in 5 weeks.  Today, I did not even have to run to know I was off and am prepared for a rough day at work.  Added just a trace of B12 and got worse.  Maybe, I will be up for a junk run this evening but I am focusing on tomorrow's long run.  If I can do it, I'll have over 30 miles this week.

PM- Rough day as expected.  No attempt to run.  I do expect to be okay tomorrow.

9/26- DISASTER!  Even though I did not take the Lithium this morning, the normal dose of Thym-Adren was still too much.  Did 2 miles with the group then died and completed a long walk of shame.  I will try again tomorrow.  5 weeks away from retirement.

9/27- 1 mile in 9:51 on Lakeshore.  It's back to the drawing board now.  Lithium+ Thym Adren will never work.  ADHS might.  No hair test result but expect it any day now.  Again, I am strongly considering amalgam removal.

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