Monday, September 28, 2015

Training 9/28-10/4

9/28- I contacted another naturopath via Facebook who suspects that I may have gut dysbiosis (unfriendly bacteria).  This condition seems to be related to sulfur and mercury toxicity is some way.  I'll explain later.  I've been eating lots of yogurt and drinking nothing but water.  Things could work differently when I am completely off sugar.  This was Day 2 and I feel a difference already.  Workout SUCKED!  Called it quits after 1.5 miles in 12:18 (8:12 pace)  I hit 1 mile in a respectable 7:38 then crashed to a 4:40 (9:20 for the next half).  The Sparga made me feel MUCH worse when I got home.

9/29- Horrible yet again.  ADHS is now a NO.  The only good news was that I was slightly better after taking TMG.  Workout was 1 mile in 9:21 on Lakeshore.  SUOX made things worse so that's also a NO.

9/30- Very positive developments.
AM- 1 mile on Wisteria in 8:07 so that's a MINUS 74 in just over 12 hours.

PM- 3x1 mile at Gold's and took pills during the interval.  Opened with a 7:31 for a strong MINUS 36.  Popped a TMG and improved to 6:58 (MINUS 33).  Popped a Lithium and improved again to a 6:44 (MINUS 14).  After I got home, an extra Thym-Adren seemed to make things slightly worse but the hydroxy B12 seemed okay.  I have a mild headache and I've had to pee a lot today.  Both are strong indicators of detox.
REACTIONS:  The Lithium seems to be doing its job which is to reduce my need for Thym-Adren and allow me to tolerate B12.  The TMG is a DEFINITE YES.  There is still concern about the sulfur buildup but if that happens, I know what to do about it.  I want to see what the methyl B12 does.

10/1- Found out last night that methyl B-12 is a NO but it cleared by the morning.  I was fine on the hydroxy, which is good news.  I won't be shocked if the TMG fails in a few days because of the sulfur content but for now, it's okay.  Workout was 5 miles at Gold's at tempo effort.  Finished with a time of 36:50 (7:22 pace).  I'll take it.  Faded a bit on the back half (18:15-18:35) and my groin tightened up but overall not too bad.

10/2- The plot thickens.  Negative response to TMG last night and clearly took a step backwards.  The sugars are NOT good for me but even complete abstinence will not be enough.  I did not eat any yogurt the last 2 days.  That's why.  I need probiotics so I picked up some at GNC on my lunch break.  Felt better shortly thereafter.  Workout was another better with or without test this time at Vestavia.  Did a fairly comfy 6:51 first mile then popped a TMG and was definitely poorer.  Slipped to a 7:25 then added a half mile cool.
I need the probiotics and my system is not ready for methyl donors yet.  I was PLUS 34, which is a significant difference but that's not horrible.  I believe I could have been under the Mendoza line for 3 miles.  Need a good long run this weekend.

10/3- Once again, the plot thickens.  I did not take the Lithium for ONE day and my system has already demanded more Thym-Adren.  3 pills were not enough this morning as I melted down early after a good start.  Called it quits after 3 miles downtown in 23:06 (7:42 pace) with splits of 11:08-11:58 and I was over 8 by the finish.  Fortunately, I saw the collapse coming and there was no walk of shame.  Added a half mile cool.  I'd like to get at least 25 miles this week and need 7.5 tomorrow to do it.

10/4- Completely disgusted!  Took Lithium and probiotics so I should have had no excuses but again, I was horrible.  Hoping to do 10 on Lakeshore and crashed after Mile 1.  Again, I felt reasonably well early (7:31) but it took me 21:42 overall to run just 2.5 miles (8:45 pace).  I believe too much Thym-Adren was the problem today.  Ridiculous that 1 pill would make this much difference!

20 miles total.  4 weeks to go until retirement.  No hair test results.  Yasko is going to make me wait until I do all the tests so they can be interpreted together.  I can't be too upset because the tests were given to me for free.

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