Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Training 8/31-9/5

8/31- Severe reaction to methyl B-12 has yet to clear.  I know for sure now that any form is toxic to me.  The hair and urine test will reveal possible toxic cobalt or low lithium.  Unplanned rest day.

9/1- AM.  1 mile in 8:30 with splits of 4:02-4:28.  OUCH!

PM- Broke the "Mendoza line" with 3 miles at sub-8 pace just barely with a hard fought 23:54 (7:58 pace) but did manage a slight negative split (12:02-11:52).  It will take time for the B-12 to clear and I am not touching any form of it for a long time.

9/2- AM 2 mile quickie at Gold's and it was pretty solid.  Finished in 14:30 with a negative split (7:19-7:11)

PM- NIGHTMARE!  Trak Shak loop and crashed 2.2 miles into a 5 mile loop and completed the walk of shame.  Actually, I did do a few spurts of slow jogging.  13.1 miles on a day like this would be pure hell but I probably could finish.  4 miles this session with an average pace near 8:30.

UPDATE:  Feeling a lot better after taking the All in One.  I had been avoiding it because it contains B-12.  Now, I know I need it.

9/3- Not much better.  Gold's 4 in 31:44 (7:56 pace).  Again, I was just under the Mendoza line over 1 extra mile.  Faded pretty badly with splits of 15:21-16:23.  This is not working.  I've got to do some more experimenting.

9/4- Successfully switched from ADHS back to Thym-Adren and now it seems like I cannot tolerate TMG anymore.  Still, it was a nice improvement over yesterday.  It was a quickie because I want no excuses for tomorrow's long run.  2 miles in 14:15 (7:07 pace) with splits of 6:59-7:16.  I was fading but I had more in the tank.

9/5- FAILURE!  I can no longer tolerate the TMG, which was not a huge surprise.  I am beginning to wonder now if the SUOX drops are helping with the sulfur at all.  I've become so desperate that I have ordered Lithium, which may help B-12 transport and aid in methylation.
Run #1- Attempted the group run and died after about 200-300 meters.  Finished 1 mile in 10:48 running almost all out.  That's right.  I was less than half the speed of my adult PR.

Run #2- Another 1 mile junk run this time on Wisteria.  Apparently, I've gotten some clearance as my time is down to 8:58.

9/6- Only slightly better.  1 mile in 7:53 and had nothing left in the tank.  I'n quitting the SUOX.

8 weeks from retirement now and it's looking bleak.

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