Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Training 9/14-9/20

9/14- Drove from Louisville to Birmingham and arrived at mid-afternoon.  Planned rest day to recover from the trip.  The Lithium must be cut out at least for now.

9/15- First run as a 35 year old was not half bad.  Lakeshore 5 and yes, I finished the whole out and back route without a collapse.  Time was 38:54 (7:47 pace).  1st half: 19:20, 2nd half: 19:34.  I would have been a LOT better than 2:06 in a half mary today.

9/16-Collapse.  2 miles in 16:10 (8:05 pace).  Stupid taurine was the culprit.  CBS is still a problem.

9/17- While I'm sure that the taurine did not help me, it was NOT the cause of yesterday's collapse.  The lack of Lithium this week is.  I repeat, THIS IS NUTS!  1 mile at Gold's in a PATHETIC 9:53.  Popped just 1 Lithium pill and walked a lap then proceeded to run 2 miles in a respectable 14:18 (7:09 pace).  Splits were 7:21-6:57 so I got better as the pill kicked in.  3 days ON Lithium caused a collapse but 3 days OFF also caused a collapse.  For the time being, I will try to alternate days and hope that eventually, I will be able to take it every day.

9/18- Upon rising, it was clear that I needed more Lithium.  I may not only need to take it every day but 2x/day.  That's okay.  If I am deficient as I have every reason to believe that I am, this will help the MTR and MTRR and improve my methionine THUS reduce my sensitivity.
3 miles at Gold's in 21-flat (7:00 pace).  Splits were 6:43-7:10-7:07.  Legs really stiffened up in the 2nd half but I held a decent pace all the way and had somewhat of a kick left.  A 5K would have been 21:45ish.

9/19-AM- FAILURE.  This time I was done in by too much Lithium.  2 pills won't work.  It must be 1.  Attempted a group run and flamed out.  Fortunately, I saw it coming so there was no walk of shame.  Finished 2 miles in 16:47 (8:24 pace) with splits of 7:49-8:58.  I might be better in the afternoon.

PM- Another 2 miler this time at Vestavia.  Improved to 14:52 (7:26 pace).  Even pace but I was slipping in lap 7 do I decided to finish strong rather than force another mile.

9/20- Did not even try.  It is becoming apparent that Lithium alone is not the problem.  Lithium+B12 is and the All In One pill contains 62.5 mcg of B12.  For now, it will be cut.  I may try a junk run this afternoon.

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