Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Drinking water only/ Changes

I am now 1 month from the retirement date but after only 4 days of drinking water only, I am seeing some big changes.  In the past, I have felt my best and have run my best when on this heavily restrictive diet but it did nothing for my sensitivity issues.  I still needed an exact cocktail of pills every day and any deviation spelled big trouble.  In the end, drinking water alone was not enough because of my low Magnesium and methylation issues.  I really thought my sugar intolerance was gone after I boosted my Magnesium but apparently, that’s not the case. 

I fit the symptoms of gut dysbiosis, which is an excess of unfriendly bacteria in the gut that may be due to candida overgrowth.  Gail Clayton, the naturopath that I contacted via Facebook, informed me that my high beta alanine is a sign of dysbiosis.  Symptoms include frequent diarrhea, intolerance to sulfur and shut down of methylation.  Yep.  That’s me.  Is it possible that CBS never was a problem, which explains why every treatment failed miserably?  I suppose it’s possible and I’ll explain more later.  There are supplements out there for candida but since the sugars are not good for me in the first place, a better plan is to starve the candida by abstaining from sugar.

Beginning on Day 3, supplements that had worked for me were causing severe fatigue and depression while stuff that I could NOT take before, NOW I CAN!

Here’s a review:
ADHS- adrenal modulator- This could be taken with Lithium because it does not suppress adrenal activity.  I’ve had trouble with it in the past because of its lower Zn/Cu ratio.  Regardless of the reason, it is now a NO.  Adding TMG (methyl) made it a little better but not much.
Sparga and SUOX- NO.  Both detox sulfur.  I had an immediate negative reaction to both.
What can I take?  Jury’s still out.

Jigsaw Cal/Mag- Critical for balance of those 2 minerals.  No problem with this stuff.

Thym-Adren- Critical for reducing sky high Na and K levels.  Without either this or ADHS, I’m done for.  Still too soon to tell if I can tolerate it and how much I need.  It could be just 3 pills or it could be 6+.

Lithium- Again, too soon to tell.  This pill may reduce the need for mega Thym-Adren and allow me to tolerate B-12.

B-12- May be necessary to keep my Zn/Cu in line and produce ceruloplasmin.  May also reduce taurine and improve tolerance to sulfur.  According to my genetics, specifically the COMT gene, I should do best on the hydroxyl form but methyl B-12 is critical for the production of methionine.  My deficiency in methionine is the likely cause of the extreme sensitivity.  I can tolerate the small amount in the All In One but have not tried the larger dose of either hydroxyl or methyl since coming off the sugar

TMG-Trimethyl glycine.  Supports methylation and detox.  When I have been able to take this stuff, it has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced my sensitivity.  It’s a NO when dysbiosis is a problem and a MAYBE when it’s not.  It’s a methyl donor that increases sulfur so I must be cautious.

Glutathione- I’ve taken this in the past and was able to tolerate it ONLY when I was on the liver glandular.  Never when off it.  If I am to take it, it will only be on a temporary basis because of its sulfur content.

MTR/MTRR drops- A last resort option.  It costs $85 and I’ve not had good luck with nucleotide products.

Sulfur/Mercury questions- According to the articles that I’ve read, dysbiosis actually causes a sulfur DEFICIENCY not an excess.  That would explain my complete intolerance to any sulfur detox products.  Still, I don’t think that’s quite accurate.  More likely, it is bio-unavailable, which means that it is indeed present but unable to be utilized.  At the end of the day, I still have the gene for a CBS upregulation, which leaves me vulnerable to a sulfur excess.  So, even if my bio-available sulfur is currently low, it will bounce back real fast.  Sulfur is very important for detox so if my sulfur is high, the odds of mercury toxicity should decline.  The fact that I am a fast oxidizer is also in my favor but more likely, methylation is needed to eliminate the toxins.  There may be many things in play besides mercury that is blocking methylation.   

Amalgam removal:
I’ve flip-flopped many times and am glad that I did not rush into it.  I have still yet to receive my hair test but even if that shows evidence of mercury toxicity, it could change next time around.  I will give this new plan a month and if things don’t turn around by then, I will meet with the denty in Atlanta.  The decision may not be made until I get the re-test results.  Again, I cannot undo it once it’s done.
The half marathon in Greenville is a go and like the one in PA, I don’t care if it takes me 3 hours.  The only goal is to finish.  If things do not improve, it will be 2 months of inactivity.  Yes, I will still run occasionally in the future but I may never race again.  Even if I do, it will be 1-2 times per year and limited to slow 5Ks. 

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