Thursday, October 22, 2015

B-12 blood test results (serum)

The reference range is roughly 200-900 (can't recall the exact numbers) but the word on the street is that the optimal range is near the top of the scale.  Less than 500 may actually produce symptoms of deficiency.  The optimal range is roughly 750-1000.  What's my number?

I am off the scale.  I did not even get an exact figure.  It simply said "Greater than 2000."

What to make of it?
I don't know.  I did read some rather scary articles about a high B-12 without supplementation being linked to serious liver, kidney disease or worse.  I'm not concerned about that because yes, I have been supplementing for several months.  The more likely scenario is that I am actually deficient within the cells.  On my old hair tests, Cobalt (the B-12 mineral) has always tested very low.  Thus, the mineral is in excess in the serum but cannot reach the cells and thus, symptoms of deficiency result.  One mineral that is critical for transport of B-12 is Lithium.  I remain extremely intolerant to even minute doses of that stuff.  I won't know much of anything until I get Yasko's tests back, which should be around mid-November.   I e-mailed her again asking for any basic information based on the results that have come back.  I doubt that I'll get a response.

I am leaning heavily towards retirement now.  I may not be physically burned out but emotionally, I sure am.  All of these lab tests and "better with or without" tests that change from one week to the next have taken their toll.  At the end of the day, I just don't enjoy this anymore.


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