Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thym-Adren and B-12

Another horrible week is in the books and with just 20 days until my retirement date, I expect to get some kind of resolution one way or the other. I attempted to run 6 out of the 7 days but totaled just 11 miles.  Today's effort has been pretty typical as of late.  I felt reasonably loose and light early but felt the power cut off suddenly around 1.3 miles.  I was still at 11:18 (7:32 pace) through 1.5 but saw the collapse coming and turned around.  Despite my best effort, I managed only a 12:52 (8:35 pace) on the back side.  If I had kept going, it would have been over 10:00 by Mile 5 and a half marathon race would have been about as bad as Montour 4 weeks ago (2:06) if not worse.   Here's what I am up against:

EXTREME high sulfates- Every test strip shows sulfates through the roof (over 1600).  Yasko says it must be below 800 before any methyl donors can be tolerated.  I have tried EVERYTHING out there for sulfur detox but everything I've tried causes overwhelming fatigue and depression.  I recently read an article that high sulfates can cause "fight or flight" adrenal symptoms.  BINGO!

If that's true, it does make a lot of sense.  Why else would I require mega Thym-Adren (adrenal suppressants) every day or else?  Thus, it may be possible to reduce my need for those pills if I can get the sulfates down.  How do I do that?  B-12 could be a solution.  Yes, that's right.  The same B-12 that I recently posted that I could not tolerate.

More on B-12 and Lithium:
Lithium is a NO.  I was so bad on Thursday that I had to stay home from work.  I won't know until I get the hair test results but it seems likely that Lithium never was low.  Rather, it was the caffeine that prevented me from tolerating the B-12.  I've gone on and off caffeine many times over the past few years and it's obvious that my system works differently depending on whether I am on or off.  If I cheat 1 day, no big deal.  2-3 days in a row is another matter.

The hair test results have almost certainly arrived but Yasko has refused to send me the results until I do all the other tests.  I can't be too angry because she gave me those tests for free.  However, she did fail to respond to a very basic question about results. specifically my Lithium, Cobalt and Sulfur levels.  That's poor customer service and is inexcusable!

On caffeine:
Cannot tolerate B-12 at all and may not be able to take Thym-Adren either but ADHS works.

Off caffeine:
ADHS seems to be a NO.  It appears that I can take as much B-12 as I want but there is a catch.  If I take mega B-12, I cannot tolerate Thym-Adren!  I suppose that does make sense because I've read evidence that B-12 does lower sulfate levels.  Thus, it indirectly slows my runaway adrenal function and reduces my need for adrenal suppressants. Of course, I won't know for sure until I get a hair test done after having taken B-12 consistently without caffeine.  One interesting observation is that even if I take too much Thym-Adren, extra B-12 does NOT seem to hurt me but extra Thym-Adren does.  On Friday, I did a junk run on Wisteria and came through 0.75 miles in 5:53 then popped a B-12 pill and came back with a 5:35.  I did not test it on a longer run because of the expected collapse in Mile 2.  I popped an extra Thym-Adren when I got back home and got an immediate negative reaction.

B-12 and Sulfur:
I've observed several times that my tolerance for sulfur seems to improve if I am taking B-12, which is more evidence that yes, it does indeed reduce sulfates and thus indirectly, slow runaway adrenal function.

Other pills:
I have ordered Pectasol for detox (specifically mercury) and Histidine for "sulfur metabolism".  Both arrived this weekend and in both cases, the early results are "Ineffective but not harmful."  I'm going to finish the bottles but not re-order barring a change.  I've also ordered a product called GB-3 for possible malabsorption issues.  I'm betting that it will also be a non-factor.  In all likelihood, it will come down to finding the right balance of B-12 and Thym-Adren!  Next week, I will experiment with various combinations until I find a winner.  Then, I must hope against hope that the new winning formula is relatively stable.  Again, I expect that within 20 days, I will get a resolution one way or the other.  If this plan fails, I face retirement.

Amalgam removal:
I am still considering this but will not pull the trigger unless both this hair test and the next one while on the B-12 show strong evidence of Mercury toxicity.  I will be using Cutler's counting method to determine that.  Look it up if you are interested.  Again, it's a risky procedure that cannot be undone so I believe that I am wise not to rush into it.  If by some miracle that it is the answer to my problems, I will come out of retirement and race again next year and beyond.

That's the only thing that a traditional MD (Mineral Denialist) has ever given me.  I know that my genetics will not allow me to tolerate SSRIs or SNRIs.  The only one that I would take is Wellbutrin, which is dopamine based.  I have no anxiety or crying spells common when serotonin is low but cannot feel pleasure or happiness regardless of circumstances.  Going down that route is also a long shot and also represents a concession on my part that the natural approach, which I once believed to be my life's mission to promote, has failed me.  It will be done only if both the B-12 and amalgam removal fail.  I will also come out of retirement in the unlikely event this works.

Once again, it will likely come down to the right mix of B-12 and Thym-Adren and I expect to know 1 way or the other in 20 days.

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