Saturday, October 24, 2015

FOS supplement/ Road trip and Farewell tour

One of the key things I learned from the recent trial and error (mostly error) over the past few weeks is that NO AMOUNT of adrenal suppressants will EVER be enough to balance my chemistry.  It was enough to keep me afloat for a few years (if I took the precise dose) but as my sulfate toxicity continues to worsen, so does my overall health.

I've read several articles that have suggested that extreme high sulfates can indeed CAUSE runaway adrenal activity.  That does make sense to me.  Now, if by some miracle I can reduce my sulfate toxicity, I may not even need mega doses of Thym-Adren.  I can then address the methylation, which should solve the sensitivity issues.  In other words, things will work smoothly and I will be less dependent on pills and I can finally start living.

Sulfates must be less than 800 before any methylation can be tolerated.  I don't know my exact number but would not be surprised if it's over 5,000.  All urine test strips showed all 4 squares changing color (over 1600) even when the sample was diluted with water.  I have tried everything to fix this problem including orinthine, butyrate, Sparga, Yucca, Molybdenum, CBS drops, CBS/NOS caps and B-12.  I've had negative reactions to all of them.  By negative reactions, I mean overwhelming fatigue and depression.  The only exception has been B-12 but I am beginning to think I may have an excess after all.  Maybe it's not a transport issue.  I am most definitely worse off than I was before I started taking it.

There was one other product that I had yet to try, which is FOS listed on Metabolic Healing's website for CBS mutations.

What is FOS?
   It's a fiber based prebiotic supplement intended to help with digestion and mal-absorption.  I'm also taking a probiotic (good bacteria) but have found that an enzyme supplement is a non-factor (no reaction to it at all).  I ordered the product online but it won't be shipped until Monday and the origin is in California so I may not receive it until after I leave for South Carolina.  I want to go into what will probably be my last race knowing that I did everything I could so I would look to see where I could find it in a brick and mortar store.  I found a listing for it at a health food store in Auburn (2 hrs from B'ham).  With nothing better to do today, I took the road trip.

Road trip report:
I made a "triangle" in which I took US-280 going southeast, which is a direct route but given that you pass through some towns along the way, it may be faster to take the interstate.  Anyway, the trip was smooth and although the store did not have the product that I ordered, I found another brand with the same key ingredient.  Going back, I took the interstate first going west to Monty and then back on I-65 north to home.

I made 3 stops along the way.  First was Metro Fitness gym in East Montgomery.  I would have liked to walk around inside for a few minutes but did not feel right about it since I am no longer a member there.  I did catch a glimpse of the indoor track, where I enjoyed many workouts and made a good friend named Susi.  Next stop was the park in Millbrook where I trained regularly after work and even ran an unofficial marathon there.  I didn't cry but I felt a lot of emotion as I walked around that park remembering all those hard long runs knowing that it's probably over after next weekend.  I also remembered the stops at the gas station across the street caked with salt when I bought a "recovery drink."  Finally, I stopped at one of my favorite independent restaurants, the Front Porch Grill, where I enjoyed a tasty ribeye.  My job did suck in Monty and I struggled with loneliness but I do have some good memories as well.

Early reaction to the FOS:
  The over-stimulation that I felt earlier in the day (despite taking the suppressant) faded shortly after taking the pill and left me with the same old flu-like malaise.  I tried to run shortly after I got home in mid-afternoon and was awful.  The workout was on Wisteria and I managed only a 4:44 on the downside then popped another FOS and was even worse (5:38) on the upside for an absolutely pathetic 10:22 MILE.

Run #2 came about an hour later after taking 2 ADHS (modulator).  Immediately after starting, I knew I was better.  I passed the half mile in 3:54 and merely hoped to hang on for a sub-8.  Much to my surprise, I saw a 7:33 when I finished (MINUS 2:49), which means I did the upside in 3:39.

Sunday- I took the suggested dose of FOS and it SUCKED!  I did not even need to run to find it had failed but I did jog about 100 meters before quitting.

In the afternoon, I continued the farewell tour.  I stopped briefly at the old Sportplex location, which is no longer used as a health club and just drove around.  Next, I went downtown to the start/finish line of Vulcan and Mercedes.  I jogged around Linn Park before hitting the last part of the race course on 20th St. and the final turn before the finish.  Again, the memories came flooding back and brought me close to tears.  I could almost see the volunteer putting the medal around my neck, the post-race picture in Linn Park and the post-race party in the Boutwell Auditorium.  Finally, I drove the Sloss Furnace, the site of Rumpshaker.  I simply drove the final bridge climb and the straightaway to the finish.  The emotion was not as strong here because I only raced here twice and once was it memorable.  I'm glad that I did have one last decent speed session with Johnny last week.  Now, I hope the Trak Shak run will be decent next Wednesday.

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