Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hydroxy B-12 and ADHS (The formula?)

Here's a list of CBS mutation related products that I have tried.  All have failed.  For the record, I have a compound heterozygous mutation for CBS, which is worsened by a homozygous mutation for NOS.
- Activated Charcoal
-Yasko's CBS drops
-Yasko's CBS/NOS caps
-Sparga (tolerated this for a while)
-Yasko's SUOX drops
-Hydroxy B-12 (can't be taken with Thym-Adren)

It was suggested to me that perhaps CBS was not a problem after all.  Just having the genetic mutation does not mean that treatment is necessary.  It has to be activated before it can cause a problem.  In my case, taurine and ammonia tested mildly high on the UAA test but not through the roof.  However, the sulfate test strips consistently show a value above 1600 whereas it should be no higher than 800.  There is no doubt in my mind that I am burdened by toxic sulfur.  Yet, all the treatment options that supposedly helped detox caused OVERWHELMING fatigue and depression.

I believe that Thym-Adren was the culprit.  Thym-Adren slows down thyroid and adrenal function and thus may slow down the elimination of toxins.  Would the above treatments have worked if I had not been taking the Thym-Adren and consistently abstained from caffeine?  I know that Sparga is continuing to fail but am not sure of the other ones. I'm giving molybdenum and Yucca another shot so  I'll find out this coming week.

Endodren (adrenal stimulant)-
I dealt with copper and cadmium toxicity last year and turned to Endodren for relief from the detox symptoms.  It was effective on a temporary basis but this year, I only got 1 good day out of it.  I may need it again if I have a strong detox reaction to Yucca or moly.

Hydroxy B-12:
Because of my genetics, I must take this form rather than methyl.  Throughout most of the summer, I took 1 pill (1000 mcg) almost every day.  Unfortunately, I don't think that's strong enough to make a significant dent in the sulfates.  I need at least 2 pills.  Also, there is strong evidence that caffeine use somehow interferes with the B-12 metabolism.  It has become obvious that the fatigue, depression and flu-like malaise that I have experienced is NOT a thyroid/adrenal problem but rather a very strong detox reaction.  I can't just ride it out because it's just too severe.  It is also obvious that B-12 is ABSOLUTELY necessary.  Without it, I will NEVER eliminate the sulfates and the Thym-Adren
+ Cal/Mag will NEVER be enough to balance my chemistry.  Also, I will NEVER be able to tolerate methyl, which is needed to solve sensitivity issues.

 I cannot take either Thym-Adren (adrenal suppressant) OR Endodren (adrenal stimulant) with the B-12 so it's ADHS (modulator) or BUST!

Since taking the 2 B-12 pills every day, I have noticed that my urine reeks of sulfur especially shortly after taking B-12 and my body odor has increased.  That's certainly not pleasant but it is a good sign for the detox process.

Retirement decision:
My performance in South Carolina will not be a factor.  I've proven again last week that I am still capable of a decent race if I get lucky with the pills.  It will depend on my training and how I feel leading up to race day.  If I find a winning formula that is stable between now and the end of the month, you bet I'll continue training and racing.

On the horizon:
Assuming that Yasko keeps her word, I will get several test results sometime in November.  It seems unlikely that I will find out anything earth shattering that I don't already know.  What is most important to me is the hair test.  Those results will either confirm or rule out Mercury toxicity.  It will take 2 consecutive bad tests before I pull the trigger on the amalgam removal but it's a "go" in that case for sure.

-There are also 2 more naturopaths that may be worth a consult (Gail Clayton and Metabolic Healing)

-A blood test for B-12 costs just $49 through Request A Test and that will be done this week.

-If all else fails, it's anti-depressants.

Final point:
Even if I do retire, I will continue fighting for wellness and will still run occasionally but I will not race again or blog about running.

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