Monday, October 12, 2015

Training 10/12-10/18

10/12- I was wrong.  Too much B-12 is indeed harmful.  I went with 4 mg. of hydroxy yesterday and took 2 mg. more this morning with zero Thym-Adren.  Hit Lakeshore this morning and this time, I faded before the Mile marker then turned around.  Finished with 2 miles in 15:54 (7:57 pace) with splits of 7:38-8:16.  Popped 2 more after the run and was noticeable WORSE.  Did another half mile in 4:44 (9:28 pace).  Again, the Pectasol and Histidine were non-factors.

PM- Good news.  I popped 1 Endodren (adrenal stimulant) and improved to 7:14 for 1 Mile on Wisteria.  Down side in 3:34 and Upside in 3:40.  That's more evidence that B-12 does indeed indirectly suppress adrenal function. Tomorrow's plan is a double workout.  I'm going down to 2 B-12 pills and may struggle in the morning but expect to improve by the afternoon for a better with or without Thym-Adren test.

10/13-AM-  Expected to struggle and it was worse than expected.  Managed just 1 mile at Gold's in a time of 8:31.  After taking 4 B-12 pills the last 2 days, I took 2 more this morning.  I might be better this evening.

In an interesting development, I had to pee shortly after the run and tested the sample using sulfate test strips.  Even when diluted, the reading was still off the charts (over 1600).  Did the B-12 remove it?  I did feel a little better immediately afterwards.  I want to see where I stand off the B-12 for at least several hours.

PM- 2.5 miler out and back on Jemison as planned.  Still awfully sluggish but considerably better than the morning debacle.  Did the first half @ 7:32 pace then hung on for a 7:48 on the back half.  Overall time was 19:10 (7:40 pace) so I faded but did not collapse.  Still, a 5K race would not have been much below 24.
Evening update:
The GB-3 (for mal-absorption) has arrived and so far, it is a non-factor as expected.  It will come down to the B-12 and Thym-Adren.  I do have one insurance policy left and that is the MTRR nucleotide from Yasko.

Tomorrow, I will not take any B-12 and fully expect to become over-stimulated and require Thym-Adren.  That's right, I will flip from one side of the spectrum to the other within 24-48 hours. I guarantee it too!  More to come later in an explanation post.

10/14- The overstimulation hit me as soon as I woke up so it was even sooner than I expected.  Mega Thym-Adren did help but it wasn't enough.  This confirms what I already knew.  The B-12 is necessary and no amount of Cal/Mag+ Thym-Adren can rein in the runaway adrenal function.  Workout was the 3 mile Trak Shak loop on a beautiful Fall evening.  A nearly all out effort got me in just below the Mendoza line with a time of 23:39 (7:53 pace).  Only good news is that the pace was steady.  I actually managed a slight negative split overall (7:55-7:56-7:48).

Now I know that mega Thym-Adren won't work and neither will mega B-12.  A combination might do it.  I took B-12 at night and am going with a moderate Thym-Adren dose tomorrow.
Distance= 3.0

10/15- Learned a lot today in an unplanned rest day.  Took only 1 B-12 last night and woke up only mildly overstimulated so the moderate dose of Thym-Adren should work?  WRONG!  IMMEDIATE NEGATIVE REACTION!  Even with abstinence from caffeine, no combination of B-12 and Thym-Adren will EVER work.  The MTRR nucleotide product arrived today and I felt a very modest positive response but not enough to be significant and certainly not a miracle cure.
This leaves me with just 3 possible combos.
#1- 1 B-12 + ADHS- pretty much what I took without success most of the summer.  The only difference is that I am consistently off caffeine.  I doubt that it will make much difference.
#2- 2 B-12 + ADHS-  I already know that this dose of B-12 alone will leave me lethargic.  Can the ADHS modulate my energy production?  I'll need a higher dose to do it.
#3- 2 B-12 + Endodren- This is the bold option and I'm going with it.  Slow oxidation symptoms have dominated since starting B-12.  I won't know why until I get the hair test results.  I believe this is my best chance to at least string together a few weeks of decent health.

10/16-AM- Better with or without test.  Took 2 B-12 last night and as expected, I was awful early.
I had seen enough after only 3 laps at Gold's in 2:42 (8:06 pace) and rapidly slowing.
Popped 1 Endodren- Improved to 2:20 (7:00 pace).
Popped a 2nd Endodren- Improved to 2:00 (6:00 pace).
Is this the long-term answer?  I doubt it.  More likely, it is only providing temporary relief from intolerable detox symptoms.  Still, this is probably my best chance for a decent showing in South Carolina.  I have 2 weeks to train and start in earnest this evening.

PM- Lakeshore 5 in 36:30 (7:18 pace).  Good job.  First day on Endodren.  Although I doubt that it's the permanent solution, this was the best day I've had in a long time.  I don't feel comfortable taking more than 3 Endodren even though it may result in more gains.  Perhaps all the CBS treatments that failed back in April will work on the Endodren.  Yucca may be worth another shot.  I expect that as the sulfur clears, I will revert back to fast oxidation symptoms so I must monitor it closely with better with or without tests.  1st half: 17:58, 2nd half: 18:32 so I faded but did not collapse.

10/17- FAILURE!  4 miles in 35:56 (8:59 pace).  Never did feel good.  Aimed for 8 minute pace and hit the first mile on target then began to struggle.  1st half: 16:36, 2nd half: 19:20.  It was obvious that it was too much Endodren.  That's okay.  I'll endure a rough day today then cut the dose tomorrow.  I'll start with 1 then go up to 2 if need be.

10/18- Endodren has officially FAILED.  Took just 1 pill this morning and did not need to run to know it.  It's ADHS or bust now.  I expect that the retirement decision will be made next week.  Even if I pull out a decent day in South Carolina, it won't change it.

PM- Popped 3 ADHS (modulator) and felt better though not good enough for a decent workout.  Still quite overstimulated.  Did 2 miles at Spain Park's track in a time of 15:32 (7:46 pace).  Splits were 7:23-8:09 so more of the same.

Distance=22 miles for the week.

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