Sunday, October 18, 2015

Training 10/19-10/25

2 B-12 pills plus ADHS (as much as I need) is my last option.  Any collapse between now and Greenville that is not without an explanation such as caffeine use or trying a new pill and THAT DOES IT!  This might be my last training post.

10/19- Tried Yucca last night and got an immediate and SEVERE negative reaction.  I don't think it was detox because Endodren didn't help and probably put me further in the hole.  At least there was an explanation today.  I knew it was going to suck and it did.  2 miles at Veteran's Park (3 laps around the lake) in a time of 18:48 (9:24 pace).  Splits were 5:49-6:19-6:40.  UGLY!  I will try molybdenum tonight so I get another free pass tomorrow.  I'm also doing the B-12 blood test in the morning.

10/20- Bad reaction to Molybdenum last night leaves Hydroxy B-12 as the only option to reduce sulfates.  I've also eliminated Jigsaw Mag and replaced it with plain Mag malate.  I'm going to cut the Pectasol, Histidine and GB-3.  All are probably non-factors but I don't want to chance it with anything else.  Woke up very overstimulated and the ADHS made me feel only slightly better.  My tolerance to B-12 has improved however and went to the lab this morning to get it tested.  I could get the results as early as tomorrow.  No running this morning.

PM- I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!  Johnny's workout at Vestavia.  5x800 plus a 400 for dessert.  Went with ADHS in the morning and managed just a 4:15-4:09 for the first 2 then popped 1 THYM-ADREN (a disaster last week) and improved to 3:37.  Popped another pill and finished the workout pretty strong.  Last splits were 3:00-2:57 then finished with a 77 final quarter.  Will Thym-Adren work tomorrow?  Who knows.

Update: Sent the last Yasko test at lunch today.  It was a stool test and yes, it was disgusting.  I'll spare you the details.  I only cared about the hair and urine test and really wish Yasko had given me the test results one at a time. Tomorrow will be a morning workout and another Thym-Adren test.

10/21- AM- Woke up VERY overstimulated so I hit Gold's for the tests.
3 laps in 2:48 (8:24 pace) no Thym Adren
3 laps in 2:24 (7:12 pace) 2 Thym-Adren
3 laps in 1:58 (5:54 pace) 4 Thym-Adren
Last week I needed an adrenal stimulant.  Today, I needed an adrenal suppressant.

PM- Took 2 more pills after the morning session and still didn't feel like it was enough.  Hit Lakeshore for the workout.  Passed 4 miles in 29:38 (7:24 pace), tried to push it in the last mile but felt my knee start to give out around 4.2.  Thankfully, it appears to be okay.  I was not about to chance it at this point.  An injury would mean that I would have to wait until next year to finish the Half2Run challenge.  I shut it down and just jogged the last 3/4 mile around 8:20ish pace.  Finished with an overall time of 37:45 (7:33 pace).  Got home to find that my blood B-12 test is off the scale HIGH.  That usually means a transport issue is to blame and it's actually low within the cells.  Interesting day to say the least.
Distance= 6.0

10/22- COLLAPSE.  Aborted a Lakeshore run.  After a fast start, I faded before the Mile marker then had to jog it back.  Finished 2 miles in 15:14 (7:37 pace) but the splits were 7:09-8:05.  I'm afraid that does it.  I did have a Green Tea the last 2 days but that's only 20 mg. of caffeine so I doubt that's the problem.  Sulfates are still over 1600.  Barring a miracle turnaround this weekend, it's over.

10/23- Planned rest day.  Would not have done well in a run.  I think my best chance of a decent race is to cut out the B-12.  It is possible that I could not even tolerate the 20 mg caffeine in Green Tea for a few days.  My new theory is that I have some sort of digestion/malabsorption issue that requires prebiotics rather than enzymes.  This is TRULY my last conservative option.

10/24- FOS trial and error
Run #1- 1 Mile in 10:22
Run #2- 1 Mile in 7:33

10/25- FAILURE!  Just some light spurts of jogging downtown.

Weekly summary:
I must face it sooner or later and I really want to keep a flicker of hope alive but in all likelihood, it's over.  Tomorrow, I will attempt a lower dose of FOS and if that fails, it's back to all Cal/Mag + Thym-Adren until race day.  I just want it to be done now.
Distance= 16 miles

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