Friday, January 1, 2016

How It Might Play Out

I'm not even going to post about 2015.  It's over.

Here's what I expected:
-Along with the usual Cal/Mag + Thym-Adren and now probiotics, take ATP every day
-The ATP will allow me to tolerate Lithium.  I learned that I cannot take it every day but expected that I could handle it say 1-2x/week then gradually build it up to every day.
-Once the Lithium is up to snuff, I can tolerate B12 and possibly molybdenum.
-When the B12 is up to snuff, it will detox the sulfates and thus turn off the runaway adrenal function and balance my chemistry.
-I will be left taking only small doses of Thym-Adren (adrenal suppressants) and if I miss a day here and there, it won't matter.  DREAM ON!

Here's what happened:
I've become INTOLERANT to the Thym-Adren.  When on it, I cannot run at all and can barely function.
Today, I switched to ADHS (modulator) and with great effort, ran an 8:20 Mile on Wisteria and was all set to announce my retirement when I took 1 Endodren and improved to 6:55 at Vestavia (MINUS 85) in just 1 hour.

Why it happened?
I really don't know but I have read some evidence that ATP can reduce sulfates and thus indirectly slows runaway adrenal function.  That may make sense.  Why else did I get better with adrenal stimulants if I am still a fast oxidizer? My methylation has improved and so has the mal-absorption so there is SEEMINGLY no other explanation.  Sadly, this has happened MANY times before so I am not getting my hopes up at all.  I'm sticking with ADHS (modulator) and hope to see gradual improvement.  Eventually, I will try again to take the Lithium and B12 as planned.  If Lithium fails to rise with supplementation, I may re-consider amalgam removal.

The training updates are done until further notice.  Until I can CONSISTENTLY run respectable times, it is just too depressing for both myself and my readers.  I define respectable as 21:00/45:00/1:40 for 5K-HM.  You may rest assured that I will NEVER give up trying for better health.  I will at least jog as long as I am able.
As of now, I have no races planned but that could change next month.
I will continue to post medical test results as well as random Rant/Rave posts so this blog will stay up but I will not be posting as frequently.

2016s BIG TRIP:
The final 2 choices were Calgary, Alberta Canada in late May and Anchorage, Alaska in mid-June.  Both are on my bucket list and would go regardless of my running status.  I am holding out hope that by that time, I will be in decent racing shape so the trip will be done race weekend.  As it turns out, I am scheduled for phone duty at work the week of Calgary (Memorial Day) and it may be difficult to find a substitute.  It's going to be Alaska.

Update: On 1/2- 3 miles in 22:24 (7:28 pace).  In the recent past, I've gotten close to 21 but not much under before another collapse.

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