Sunday, April 10, 2016

Current status

This post is purely for me to get my thoughts down and try to get it straight.  I expect nobody will be able to understand this stuff unless you are a methylation specialist.  Here it is:

B-12- Need and tolerance for it continues to diminish.  I'm due for another hair test in about 6 weeks and my Cobalt HAD BETTER BE UP TO SNUFF.  The early mega doses followed by cuts is to be expected.  Most patients diagnosed with a B-12 deficiency are typically given shots in large doses at first then advised to take oral supplements for maintenance.

Sudden Calcium intolerance- This was a SHOCKER to me that I never saw coming.  Maybe I should have given that my Potassium was on the low side on my last hair test.  Cal does lower Potassium and so does B-12.  I tried to quit it altogether on Friday but learned the hard way that it must be stepped down gradually.  I expect to be off it by the middle of next week.

Magnesium- This stuff is still well-tolerated, which is good news.  Before embarking on the methylation journey, I needed an exact 1:1 ratio of Cal/Mag and literally could not tolerate ANY deviation.  It appears that phase is behind me.

Sulfates- I tested myself again with Yasko's test strips this morning and found to my horror that the reading remains off the charts (over 1600) even after significant dilution with water.  It could be over 5000.  This is in spite of taking massive B-12 and a reasonable amount of molybdenum, which is exactly what I should be doing to lower the sulfates.  I have considered the possibility that the toxins are finally be released all at once and it won't be long until the readings drop quickly.  Any thoughts?
All my CBS SNPS are heterozygous and strangely, my taurine and ammonia are NOT elevated.

Methyl folate- I'm torn on this one.  I know that I need at least 100 mcg because of the double whammy of the MTHFR mutation and GNMT upregulation.  More is required if I take mega B-12.  Now that my B-12 dose has been reduced, can I get by with less folate?  Lynch says that glutathione may be needed to prevent methyl folate side effects. I cannot tolerate glutathione or any of its precursors.  Will that change if I take more folate?  I don't know.  What I do know is both methyl folate and glutathione generate more sulfur and I must beware of it.  For this reason, at least for the time being, it will be as much as necessary but as little as I can get by with and still function.

Possible new supps:
I'm sick of all this trial and error and for the time being, I will stick with the tried and true formula minus the Cal.  At some future date, the following with be re-considered:

ADHS- May be necessary to support Potassium and keep the adrenals in line.  I want to do another hair test with ARL to see where I stand.  I can't rely on Yasko's lab because the sample is washed.  I took 1 of those pills yesterday and did not seem to get any worse.  I used to require mega doses of adrenal supps but if my sulfates are under control, cortisol and adrenals normalize and I can get by on small doses for maintenance.

Methyl Mate- Contains ingredients that I could not tolerate in the past but now it may be different if the sulfates are coming out.  The key ingredient is phospho-serine, which has in the past worked for a few days then turned disastrous.  I am more likely to tolerate it as part of a supplement formula than as a stand alone.

Mito-force- Pretty much the same as above but I know that CoQ10 can be taken as a stand alone.  NADH cannot.

Glutamine- Another glutathione precursor.  Probably can't be tolerated unless I up my methyl folate and even then, it's questionable.

TMG- In the past, this stuff almost completely knocked out sensitivity to certain minerals but the ill-effects proved to be worse than the sensitivity.  The full name is Tri-methyl glycine, which is a NO.  Nothing glycine can be tolerated because of the GNMT issue, which could be neutralized by folate and the methyl may produce sulfates.  Dr. Wilson highly recommends this product but Yasko prefers Phospho-Serine and DHA for short cut methylation support.  Long route is composed of DMG or B-12 and I'm sticking with B-12.

Kansas City remains "questionable" 5 weeks out.  Things could turn around by then but I'm not going if I can't run 13.1 miles safely.

Alaska is a GO but I may have to downgrade to the 5K.

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