Monday, April 4, 2016

Training 4/4-4/10/ Discovery

I have long suspected that the source of my problems was the acne drug Accutane that I took as a teenager.  I have read from a reliable source that the drug can permanent damage, specifically the enzyme glycine n methyltransferase (GNMT).  It is an up-regulation that creates a "methylation block."  It can remain locked into an up-regulation long after the drug is discontinued.  That makes a lot of sense given what's been going on.  I've known for more than a year that methylation problems are the cause of my sensitivity to minerals.  I once found that a single dose of TMG almost completely knocked out sensitivity to zinc and copper but because it contains sulfur, the ill-effects from taking it are worse than the sensitivity.

The solution is methyl folate (I need MORE not less of it), which has the effect of slowing down the enzyme over-activity.  Can I tolerate it given that it too is a methyl donor and can increase sulfates?  Time will tell.  I will cautiously up the molybdenum to counteract that. Word is that excess B-12 can deplete folate, which also makes sense.  I could get away with an occasional missed dose of methyl folate in the past but not so now that I am taking lots of B-12.  Also, my intolerance to anything containing glycine has worsened recently, which is probably due to the depleted folate.  That makes sense.

Bottom line:
If I did not have the MTHFR genetic defect, which inhibits conversion of folic acid to active methyl folate, I may have gotten through the Accutane treatment with little more than dry skin.  What would have happened if I never took Accutane but still have the genetic defects?  I believe it would have only delayed the inevitable crash.  I've said it a thousand times but it bears repeating.  The reason some people are depressed could very well have NOTHING to do with their attitude.  The cause of chemical imbalances is usually a combination of genetics, exposure to toxins or other environmental factors beyond your control.  It is NO reason to feel ashamed.  I encourage you to speak openly about it and do not allow yourself to be stigmatized.

4/4- AM.  Cut out B-2 permanently but it has yet to clear.  Took 2 mg. B-12 and got worse.  Another 1 mg after the 1st mile made it "worser."  Finished 2 miles in 19:47 (9:54 pace) with splits of 9:11-10:36.  I expect to be better by the evening.

PM- Another 2 miles at Veteran's Park.  3 loops around the lake in a time of 17:20 (8:40 pace).  Pretty much as expected (MINUS 74/mile).  Splits were 5:30-5:50-6:00.  The B-2 should clear by tomorrow and I will boost the methyl folate from 200 mcg to 300.

4/5- AM.  No session this morning.  I seemed to tolerate the methyl folate without a problem but I had a reaction to the Texas Superfood, which is a pure food fruit and veggie supp.  Apparently, it contains ingredients that I cannot tolerate.  I'll probably struggle again this afternoon as a result of it.  That does it.  NO MORE NEW SUPPS!  I'm sticking with the tried and true stuff (B-12, moly, probiotics, Jigsaw).  The Jigsaw contains methyl folate.  Only the dosage will be tweaked

PM- Improvised loop through Mountain Brook and Homewood.  It came out to be an even 4 miles in a time of 30:34 (7:38 pace) on a moderately hilly route.  Not half bad out there today. Held the pace fairly well too.  1st half: 15:09, 2nd half: 15:25. The B-2 has definitely cleared and I needed a lot of B-12 today (took 9 mg).  I needed at LEAST 7 mg.  I should be better tomorrow when the Texas Superfood clears.  No more excuses.  I'm sticking with the same basic formula.

It's possible that the B-2 wasn't the problem but rather it was the TX Superfood that caused the mild sore muscles.  If I am to take the B-2, only 2 mg. of B-12 can be taken.  For the time being, I'm going with the mega B-12.  It is possible that my need for it will diminish in time.  Molybdenum and methyl folate will be held at 150 mcg and 300 mcgs respectively this week then I'll try to up it to 200/400.

4/6- AM.  3 mile tempo in 21:27 (7:09 pace).  Definitely an improvement over yesterday but I was hoping for a little better.  I would have been hard pressed to go much under 22 for 5K in a race setting.  Pacing was decent (7:03-7:10-7:14) but the energy was still lacking.  It feels like I took too much B-12 this morning (7 mg).  I am either trending down and/or still need divided doses.  I'll find out more this evening.

PM- Took only 1 mg. this afternoon and got slightly worse.  The dosage is most definitely trending down and I will go down to 6 mg. tomorrow.  The B-2 will remain off the table.  Despite being heavy and sore, I had no problem with a standard issue workout.  Trak Shak 5 in 38:11 (7:38 pace).  Nearly identical to yesterday with an extra mile tacked on.  Even pace and never really pushed or struggled.

4/7- Planned rest day and cut the B-12 to 6 mg, which was probably the right call.  Woke up with EXTREME soreness like I had run a marathon the day before.  No way I should be this sore even after a double yesterday.  I had a bad reaction to Calcium that caused it.  I am virtually certain this means my potassium is too low and my last hair test showed it trending in that direction.  Simply cutting out or reducing the Cal should be enough. I can't take zinc or potassium as a stand alone.
 The development does raise 2 important questions:
1)Will I be able to take extra Mag without Cal?  Without any methylation support, the answer is no (I used to require an exact 1:1 ratio) but I think I can tolerate the unbalanced ratio now.  If the answer is NO, I could be in trouble without Mag and would have to take a stand alone methyl folate supp, which is less likely to be tolerated.
2) Will my need/tolerance for B-12 go back up?  That's possible.  Both Cal and B-12 can lower K and if the Cal is cut, more B-12 may be tolerated.  If so, the need for methyl folate will remain strong.  

4/8- Answer to both questions is NO.  The Cal needed to be reduced but not eliminated, which was not a big surprise.  Even without Cal, the B-12 dose still appeared to be trending down.  I went with 6 mg. today and it still seemed to be a bit too high.
Workout was an out and back 4 mile route on Jemison trail in a time of 31:37 (7:54 pace).  Felt nice and loose early but the over-stimulation brought on my the lack of Cal hit hard midway through Mile 2.  First half was a solid 15:02 but struggled mightily for a 16:35 on the back half.  Got home and popped a Cal pill and quickly began feeling better.  I've got a shot at finishing tomorrow's long run.

4/9- FAILED AGAIN.  I am now 1 for 9 on BTC long runs in 2016.  Felt decent through 2 miles then suddenly crashed.  Finished with 3 miles in 26:40 (8:53 pace) plus a warm and cool.  Cut the B-12 to 4 mg. and it was still too much.  Going down to 2 tomorrow.

4/10- I was right about the Cal after all but cutting it out all at once was too aggressive.  500mg. was still too much.  It's down to 250 tonight and if that's that's still too much, I'll try 100 before quitting it altogether.  I could not run at all without B-12 and 2 mg had little effect one way or the other.  Did 1 mile at Spain Park in a time over 10 minutes.

PM- Another 1 Mile on Wisteria this time.  Improved to 8:41 with the down in 4:15 and the up in 4:26.  We shall see what happens when I only take 250 mg. of Cal tonight but I expect to struggle tomorrow as well.

Weekly total: 26 miles.

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