Friday, April 22, 2016


Last weekend I felt CONSIDERABLY WORSE after just a small amount of B-12 yet the sulfates are still off the scale according to the test strips.  In a surprising twist, Lithium actually made things better.  Just a week ago, I could not tolerate even a speck of Lithium so something very screwy is going on here.  Lithium is required to transport B-12 so it is my hope that I can get by with a low dose of both of them in a balanced ratio.  That plan failed before but that was back in February and as my readers know, things can change suddenly.  I did a lot of experimentation since and here is what I found after just a trace of the following pills:

B-12 or Lithium alone-I thought I was evolving towards a complete intolerance to B-12 and indeed I cannot take any alone but with Lithium, it’s a different story.  I still don’t know the ideal ratio but it must be 3-4 parts Lithium to 1 part B-12.  Very little deviation can be tolerated.  I am equally intolerant to Lithium alone and likely shooting at a moving target.

TMG-Remain completely intolerant though evidence exists that will change when off B-12 and/or take more methyl folate.  I would still prefer not to mess with it.

Calcium- Completely intolerant.  Cannot even take a speck of it.

Magnesium- Reaction is less severe than Cal but still decidedly negative.  Going off this stuff permanently will spell trouble for sure.

Glutathione- A small amount is tolerated but not the whole pill because it is sulfur containing.  The good news is that I was better after taking molybdenum immediately afterwards.
Molybdenum- I ran into trouble with too much of this stuff before but I believe it was a detox reaction.  This may be my best hope to reduce the sulfates so I will increase it slowly.  I’ve also heard CoQ10 may be helpful in this regard also.

Methyl folate- Able to take it as a stand-alone supplement, which is good news but it only works if I am taking sufficient B-12.

Phospho-Serine- Took 1 of those pills and did not get worse and may have felt a slight benefit.  That’s also good news because it is a key player in the methylation cycle and is sulfur containing.

ADHS (adrenal modulator)- Appears to be well-tolerated now and  it appears that I can handle the recommended dose.

The extreme sensitivity to Lithium and B-12 is INTOLERABLE!  Methylation is my only hope to fix it.
I am going to give the Methyl Mate a shot even though my sulfate test strips show severe excess.  I’ll start with just a few specks.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Bad days are the norm now and have been for quite some time.  If it does work, it may be the path to freedom.

SO FAR SO GOOD!  Not only is the Methyl Mate pill well-tolerated, it has INCREASED my tolerance for other stuff.  I took extra B-12 without Lithium when I got home and barely noticed.  Cal/Mag is also tolerated once again.  I could not tolerate a speck of ATP before but now it seems that I can.  I still had a negative reaction to Thym-Adren but it was less severe than in the past.  

I've said it many times but it bears repeating.  If I never even come close to my old PRs, I'm fine with that.  I would be THRILLED just to be able to get out there and be a part of the local running community and not collapse 2-3 miles into a long run on a regular basis.  I'm far from being in the clear but with improved methylation, the mineral balance SHOULD go much more smoothly.

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