Monday, April 25, 2016

Training 4/25-5/1

4/25- AM- HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!  Trak Shak workout.  I was hoping for 9ish but had to settle for 3.  I was sluggish from the get go but hoped to hold a respectable pace.  Crashed after about 1.7 miles and finished the distance in 25:02 (8:21 pace).  Mile 3 was 9:10 and I was spent.

PM- Extra Probiotics seemed to help but this workout confirmed that the culprit was indeed MethylMate.  Gold's workout in which I got off to a 3:48 start (7:36 pace) then popped half a Methyl Mate pill and slipped to 5-flat for the back half for an overall time of 8:48 for 1 Mile.  Took some Glutamine and ATP afterwards and felt some benefit.  Without Methyl, I cannot tolerate a speck of either pill.
I clearly have a methylation block.  The Methyl Mate WILL DEFINITELY knock out the sensitivity and allow me to take whatever I need without fear of a reaction but I cannot tolerate it because of the sulfate toxicity.  Extra molybdenum is apparently not enough.  The only way forward right now is to take micro doses of Methyl Mate and hope it's enough to knock out the sensitivity without aggravating the sulfate toxicity.

4/26- Another one of those days.  Began with a 9:26 Mile without Methyl Mate.  Painfully obvious that this pill is necessary.  Took about a quarter of a pill and felt better immediately.  Came through 2/3 of a mile in 4:12 (6:18 pace) but fading so I took a few more specks and got much worse.  The next 1/3 of a mile took me 2:37 (7:51 pace) for an overall time of 6:49.
If I am evolving toward a complete intolerance to Methyl Mate, I'm afraid I'm doomed.  Perhaps my tolerance went down because I took too much yesterday.

4/27- It was clear before I ran that I needed Methyl Mate but it didn't help much and too much made things worse.  It's looking bleak.  I'm giving it until the end of the week and if it's still not working, I will have to accept the extreme sensitivity to Lithium and B-12.  Workout was 2 miles at Gold's in a time of 17:20 (8:40 pace).
PM- Better.  Improved to 15:56 (7:58 pace).  MINUS 42.  I don't know if my tolerance is improving or some of it has cleared.  As a last ditch effort, I am cutting out ALL sugared drinks, not just caffeinated.  I feel there is a chance, albeit slim, that the sugars are interfering with methylation.  If this doesn't work, I'll have to manage the sensitivity as best as I can, which is not very well.

4/28- 2nd day off sugar.  No improvement at all in my tolerance to Methyl Mate and I fear that I am headed towards complete intolerance.  Strangely, I CAN tolerate extra methyl folate and on a whim, I tried Betaine and seemed to benefit from it.  Betaine is very similar to TMG, which I could not tolerate.  I'm not getting excited.  I'll post more about the differences between the two products later.  Another thing that must be cut out of my diet is protein bars, which are bad for CBS issues and may be contributing to the sulfates.  My workout was done at Lakeshore.  As planned, I only ran 2 miles but my pace was surprisingly good.  Time was 14:54 (7:27 pace) MINUS 31. Splits were 7:23-7:31.
Tomorrow will be interesting.  I will take ATP and glutamine to the point of intolerance, which should not be very much.  Then, I will take Betaine and hope it knocks out the sensitivity.  If it's ineffective, I'll add more folate.  I need to take a decent amount of B-12 to tolerate Methyl folate.

4/29- Day 3.  Immediate negative reaction to glutamine and ATP but Betaine Hcl DID KNOCK IT OUT!  I got off to a good start but over-stimulation kicked in early. Still, the pace never slipped below the 7:15 range.  Finished 2 miles in a time of 14:12 (7:06 pace) with splits of 7:03-7:09.  MINUS 21 and I'll take that any day.  I will reduce to dose as it seems that I only need 1 pill.  Tried just a trace of Methyl Mate and I tightened up almost immediately so I have evolved to complete intolerance.  I fear the same thing could happen with the Betaine.
My diagnosis is a methylation block in between the conversion of SAH to SAM so that means no product with SAM-e can be tolerated.  As long as this block exists, I will struggle with sensitivity to supplements.  Yasko does NOT recommend Betaine Hcl (different from TMG) but right now it's my only choice.  As for the sulfates, perhaps those test strips are not accurate.  If I can tolerate methyl folate and Phospho-Serine, I'm going with it.

4/30- AM-FAILURE!  Felt somewhat off warming up but did not expect it to be THIS bad.  2 miles in 17:48 (8:54 pace).  Splits were 8:00-9:48.  Guess what?  The culprit was Betaine, The same stuff that was the miracle yesterday.  My only remaining option is to load on methyl folate and try the stuff again at a later date.

PM- Go figure.  I was better on the methyl folate.  After just 1 pill, I ran the same 2 mile distance this time at Gold's in a time of 15:28 (7:44 pace) MINUS 70.  Popped another and improved to 14:16 (7:08 pace) MINUS 36.  Overall time was 29:44 (7:26 pace) for 4 miles.  I will load on Methyl folate and be judicious with the Lithium, ADHS and B-12.  Maybe next week, I can try again to take micro doses of Methyl Mate.

5/1- Another one of those "go figure" type of days.
AM- Without the Methyl Mate or the Betaine, the EXTREME SENSITIVITY CAME BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!  Took 5 mg Lithium, 1.5 mg B-12 and 3 ADHS pills.  Came through 2 miles fading in 16:22 (7:50-8:32) so I took an extra 1 mg. B-12 and slipped to 10:00 pace for the next half mile.  Popped 3 more ADHS (contains an unspecified amount of Lithium) and improved to around 8:45 pace for the next 1.5 miles.  Finished with an overall time of 34:33 (8:38 pace).  Tolerated methyl folate and phospho-serine but NEITHER helped the sensitivity.  The best option is probably 5 mg. Lithium, 1 mg B-12 and the full 6 pills of ADHS.  That holds true for today only.  By next week, it is likely to shift again.

PM- Tried about 1/8 of a MethylMate pill and much to my relief, I IMPROVED.  Ran the same 4 mile distance in a respectable 31:03 (7:46 pace). MINUS 52 BECAUSE I TOOK 1/8 OF A PILL!!!  Faded in Mile 2 but kept the pace under 8 all the way.  Still, I felt well off and am unsure if I would have been better or worse with a bit more Methyl Mate.  I'll find that out tomorrow.

-28 miles on the week.

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