Monday, April 18, 2016

Training 4/18-4/24

4/18 AM-Ran 1 Mile without any pills just to see what I could do.  Finished in 8:35 but actually had a slight negative split.  Popped 2 B-12 pills and got MUCH WORSE IMMEDIATELY!  It took me 5:25 (10:50 pace) just to run the next half mile.  Popped 2 Lithium pills, which I could not tolerate a speck of just 1 week ago and IMPROVED to 3:55 (7:50 pace).  WHAT THE  ______!

PM- Took 3 ADHS after the morning session and felt better as the day progressed.  Did 1 mile on Lakeshore and improved to 6:48 then popped 2 Endodren (stimulant) pills then hit the trail again.  Started off pretty well with a 7:25 split while feeling relaxed but the over-stimulated kicked in soon.  Struggled in the last 2 miles and called it after 3 in 23:42 (7:54 pace) with nasty diarrhea at the end.
The B-12 needs to cut or eliminated temporarily.  I'm not sure if the Lithium needs to be added back and I'll find out tomorrow.  For adrenal balance, I need ADHS not Endodren or Thym-Adren.

4/19- AM.  Run without pills.  Half mile in 5:01 then popped 1 Lithium pill and got worse.  Slipped to 5:43 on the 2nd half for an overall time of 10:44 for 1 Mile!  ADHS was a winner.  Improved to 7:52 for a full mile after taking 3 of those suckers.  That's MINUS 2:52/mile with no additional effort.  Yep, it's all in my head.  Nothing wrong with me physically.  Seriously, I'll bet doctors today would still insist on that even if I told them exactly what happened today.  I will probably take the afternoon session off today.
Reaction: The big takeaway from this is that Lithium and B-12 must be taken TOGETHER, probably in a balanced ratio.  I'm better off with neither than one or the other.  Took just a trace of Cal/Mag and my tolerance does seem to be improving but I'll ease back slowly.  As for the methyl folate, it will only be tolerated with B-12.  Otherwise, it must be strictly limited but not eliminated because of the MTHFR defect.  I'm considering increasing the molybdenum to deal with the sulfates to the highest tolerated dose.  I have little hope that the Methylmate will work at this time.

4/20- AM- I said both or neither regarding the Lithium and B-12.  I went with neither today even though I know it's not the answer.  I did take the full ADHS dose and struggled to a 7:59 mile in which I really faded on the back half.  It's got to be both but at what ratio?  Early signs seem to say that I need to favor B-12 slightly over Lithium. Also, the molybdenum will be increased from 100-150 mcgs and I'll eventually shoot for 500.  That could be my last hope to eliminate the sulfates. I'll be back out this evening.

PM- Took Lithium just before work and not surprisingly, I was awful within minutes.  Popped 1 B-12 and it was better but not all the way back so I took a 2nd pill and got worse again.  This means that once again, I need an EXACT RATIO (2 parts Lithium/3 parts B-12).  
Stopped by the Trak Shak and needless to say it did not go well and that's all I've got to say.
I MUST try the methylation support.  Even if it adds to the sulfur burden, it cannot be worse than this.  Perhaps upping the molybdenum will negate the additional sulfur.  Took just a trace after I got home and felt A LOT BETTER!  YES!  Hope is still alive.

4/21-AM Cut the ADHS from 6 pills to 3 and the Lithium/B-12 to 1/1.5 units.  This is faint praise but it was my best session of the week.  3 miles at Gold's in 21:54 (7:18 pace) running all out.  Splits were 7:06-7:18-7:30 so I was still clearly off.  Unsure if I will run this evening.

PM- 4 miles through Mountain Brook and Homewood (Brownell-Trak Shak loop) in a time of 30:36 (7:39 pace).  Looks decent on the surface but it was rather ugly.  Got off to a great start but over-stimulation kicked in hard in Mile 2.  Splits were 14:40-15:56 and the 2nd half was mostly downhill too.  Best news is that the Methyl Mate appears to be tolerated so far and stuff that caused a severe reaction in the past doesn't hurt as much now.  That is excellent news.

4/22- Planned rest day.  I need a mental break more than anything else.  I REALLY need to finish in tomorrow's long run.  Time is running out to get in shape for a race.

4/23- SUCCESSFUL BTC LONG RUN!!!  13.1 miles in 1:47:50 (8:14 pace).  Not overly concerned with the pace today.  The principle goal was to finish but I paced it well.  1st half- 53:30, 2nd half: 54:20.  I had very little left in the tank at the end but the pace never did slip much below 8:30.  Route was very hilly early but relatively flat for the last 5 miles.  I had very little zip in my legs however and would have struggled in a tempo.
I was bold today and took a full Methyl Mate pill whereas I only took half the previous 2 days.  Either I need to stay at a half or I need to reduce the Lithium and B-12.  If I had to guess, it's the latter.  Mitoforce appears to be tolerated, which is good news.  I have upped the molybdenum to 200 mcg in divided doses and will shoot for 300 next week.

4/24- BTC Recovery Run but I didn't use it as a recovery day.  I really wanted a sub-8 today and got it.  Did 4.9 miles in 38:45 (7:55 pace) despite being slowed by stomach cramps at the end.  Of course, I was a bit sore from yesterday but overall, I did have more energy thanks to the reduction in Lithium and B-12.  For the time being, I am going to lay off the Mitoforce and go with CoQ10 alone.  Very encouraged that I was able to have a decent workout after being almost completely spent yesterday.  Next year, I want to do some weekend doubles so I'll need back to back days of 13+ to be ready for that challenge.

-36 miles on the week.

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