Monday, August 1, 2016

Training 8/1-8/7

8/1- AM- No workout but I have noticed an intolerance to Betaine Hcl.  My reason for taking it in the first place was to relieve the sensitivity to ADHS and it's no longer effective in that regard.  With increased methyl folate, I may not require mega doses of ADHS after all.  After cutting the Betaine out of my formula, I will not be surprised to see the need for B-12 to come back.  We shall see.

PM- Experimental 800s.  Felt like total crap all day on 3 ADHS and no B-12 so I wasn't expecting much.  Here are the splits:
3 ADHS, no B-12- 4:35 (9:10 pace)
4 ADHS, no B-12- 4:05 (8:10 pace) MINUS 60
4 ADHS, B-12+moly- 3:42 (7:24 pace) MINUS 46
5th ADHS- 4:11 (8:22 pace) PLUS 58
Tacked on another junk mile as a cool down.
Without Betaine, it's either B-12+moly and low dose ADHS or mega ADHS and no B-12.  B-12 and moly must be taken together or not at all.  Both or neither.  I'm leaning towards going with the B-12 and hoping that the dose is flexible.  I have a feeling that if I don't take the B-12, my need for ADHS will be insatiable.

8/2- Next round of experiments.  Same workout as yesterday.  This time, I took mega doses of B-12 with the normal amount of everything else.  How would I respond to ADHS?
0 pills- 4:51 (9:42 pace)
1 pill- 3:57 (7:54 pace) MINUS 1:48
2 pills- 3:23 (6:46 pace) MINUS 68
3 pills- 2:51 (5:42 pace) MINUS 64
4 pills- 3:24 (6:48 pace) PLUS 66 (took plenty of rest in between)
  I shut it down here but I knew that if I took a 5th pill, I would have struggled for a sub-8 pace and likely would have been over 9 on 6 pills.  Again, I was honestly trying on each interval.
In a healthy person, there is NO WAY that a single dose should make this much difference.  It's either another enzyme defect that I don't know about or an ingredient that I can only tolerate in limited doses (probably Lithium).  Without B-12, 4 ADHS pills are NOT NEARLY ENOUGH as I learned yesterday so I'm not even going to try going without.  It's possible that I can tolerate 6 if I divide the doses.  The good news is that the B-12 dose is flexible.  My only concern if I take too much is an unplanned bathroom stop.

8/3-AM- Another failed group run.  Got dropped 1.75 miles in and jogged it home.  Cut off the watch at 3 miles in 26:55 (8:58 pace) then treated the last half mile like a cool down.  I never would have thought a Green Supplement drink mix would cause a problem but that's what happened.  This is STRONG evidence that the issues with ADHS are not Lithium related but rather due to a defective enzyme.  My only remaining thought on this is to be more aggressive with the probiotics.

PM- Got marginal improvement as expected.  Gold's 3 in 25:57 (8:39 pace).  MINUS 19.  Some clearance since the morning.  Able to pick it up a tad at the end.

8/4- 5 miles in 38:55 (7:47 pace).  Much better than yesterday but still well off form.  Took off at a smooth 7:30 pace but gradually faded after that.  Last 2 miles were around 8:00 but did manage to rally at the end.  Felt somewhat over-stimulated today as if I needed MORE ADHS.  Got home and seemed to improve with extra pills though I did not do a test run.
I took a double dose of probiotics.  This could be EXCELLENT NEWS.  If the probiotics are indeed the key to tolerance of more ADHS, I MIGHT have a path to balance.  Again, the need for more ADHS could be only a temporary reaction.  We will see.

8/5- Essentially a rest/recovery day.  The probiotics will NOT allow for an increased tolerance to ADHS.  I've got to go with 3 pills and that's that.  Did 1 junk mile at Spain Park

8/6- AM- Another failure!  4 miles in 34:34 (8:38 pace).  Ran with the BTC and it went well up through about 3.3 miles then suddenly died.  One minute, I was cruising along at 8 minute pace and feeling fairly comfortable.  The next minute, I could not do 10 minute pace.  The collapse was that sudden.  Fortunately, it was a looped route so I wasn't far from the base when I collapsed.  I jogged until Mile 4 then did a half mile walk of shame.

PM- Tried some active B-6 (P-5-P) in hopes of correcting defective enzymes.  Despite some questionable ingredients, it seemed to be effective.  1 Mile at Gold's in over 9:30 without it but improved to 7:22 with it.  Not good by any stretch but I'll take it.

8/7- Split decision.  I was horrible from my first stride today and I knew it before I started.  The good news is that I was no worse after extra ADHS.  In fact, I was actually slightly faster on the upside on Wisteria after 2 more pills.  Extra P-5-P made it WORSE.
Just like the Ultimate B, the P-5-P will relieve the sensitivity but contains other ingredients that I cannot tolerate.  Fortunately, Yasko sells plain P-5-P without the questionable ingredients.  I've ordered it along with the iron panel blood test recommended by Morley Robbins.

25 miles on the week.
If I'm not better by Labor Day, I've got to bite the bullet and see the Functional MD and pay $450 for a first visit.  They're called Sanctuary Medical and located just south of Nashville.

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