Monday, June 27, 2016

Training 6/27-7/3

6/27- AM- 2 miles in 16:21 (8:11 pace) with a slight negative split.  I'm sure I could have done another mile at the same pace so consider it MINUS 60 from yesterday.  Took just 400 MF and less than half an Ultimate B pill.  Access to 2nd gear today.

PM- Gold's 5 in 39:50 (7:58 pace).  Very even splits.  1st half-19:58, 2nd half: 19:52.  I had the sub-8 all the way but did allow a modest pick up in the last lap.  The last 2 days I was better in the evening session because I got some clearance, not because of the temps.
The R-5-P (sure hope it is the R-5-P and not something else) is effective in resolving the MF sensitivity and it should arrive as a stand alone by Wednesday evening.  I did better than yesterday because I reduced the dosage to less than half an Ultimate B pill (contains other ingredients that I can't tolerate).  If I did not take the Ultimate B at all, the sensitivity returns with a VENGEANCE!  I know better than to get my hopes up but there MAY be a chance that this nightmare will be over very soon.

6/28- AM-Reduced the Ultimate B dose further and improved to a 7:29 Mile on Wisteria and actually managed to run the upside faster (3:48-3:41).  Yasko thinks that my dependence on Methyl Folate will always be there but the sensitivity will diminish in time when my system builds up a reserve.  The R-5-P should hasten the process.

PM- Bible study tonight so no running.  Took the last of the Ultimate B.  The R-5-P is in transit and should arrive by tomorrow.

6/29- Trak Shak 3 in 22:20 (7:27 pace).  Very good splits (7:25-7:26-7:28).  Perhaps the best news of the day is that I did not feel significantly different after I took the regular pills today. Specifically, 400 vs 800 MF did not matter. If that sticks, it is EXCELLENT NEWS.  Though I will remain diligent about taking the pills, a single missed dose won't hurt much!  The R-5-P did not arrive today.  Tomorrow for sure.  I'm still going without the Ultimate B.  It was hot and sticky at 5:30 when I ran but quite pleasant before sunset at 7:30-8:00.  Maybe I'll do some of my runs later in the evening in July.  Peachtree's forecast looks rough.  75 at the start, 80 at the finish with high humidity.

6/30- As expected, with no R-5-P, the sensitivity is back with a VENGEANCE!  The pills have NOT arrived because they were sent to Pensacola post office by mistake (zip is 325 vs 352 in B'ham).  Tomorrow for sure.  Workout was 5 miles on Lakeshore on a beautiful evening (90 w/ 59 dew point).  I got off to a good start (1st half: 18:05) but faded horribly on the back half to a 25:53.  If this were indoors, I would have called it quits at 3.  No walk of shame but it might as well have been with an 11 minute pace in Mile 5.  Overall time was 43:58 (8:48 pace).

7/1- I would have been horrible without the R-5-P today (likely over 9 for 1 Mile) but fortunately, they DID arrive today.  5K at Gold's in 21:04 (6:46 pace). New post-35 PR and a near miss at the point of confidence barrier.  I was hoping that this pill would take me back to all time PR form but that's just not realistic for the 1st day and the lost fitness.  Still pleased.  Long cool at glacial pace.  I'm going with the formula but may make some minor tweaks.

7/2- Gold's 5 in a moving time of 36:40 (7:20 pace).  1st half: 18:10, 2nd half: 18:30.  Not bad overall but there were a few puzzling developments.  The best news is that my Methyl Folate DOSAGE STILL DOES NOT MATTER.  There was no significant difference between 800 and 1200.  The bad news is that my ADHS does.

 On just 2 ADHS w/800, I struggled for 7:30 pace on the first lap and knew it would quickly turn ugly.  In the past, MF has lowered my demand for ADHS so I thought 1200 MF might be better.  I was slightly faster on the next lap but not significantly and did not feel any difference.  This proves once and for all that the R-5-P does indeed recycle methyl folate and will significantly reduce my sensitivity to it.  YES!  After taking a 3rd ADHS pill, I felt free and easy early at a sub-7 pace but was unable to hold it.  By the halfway point, I had slipped to a 7:40 pace from Mile 2-2.5 and predicted over 8 by Mile 5.  I stopped and took a 4th ADHS and yes, I found somewhat of a resurgence.  The back half was done at a respectable and steady 7:24 pace.

I've noticed in recent days that my skin has become very oily and I have a couple embarrassing break outs on my face too.  The former case is most definitely a sign of fast oxidation and if that's so, it's a good thing that I can tolerate more ADHS because it modulates adrenal function.  I just wish I wasn't so dependent on it.  What caused the uptick in need for it?  I'm not sure.  It could be the R-5-P but that seems unlikely.  If I had to bet, I would say it's either the Lithium or molybdenum reduction.  Moly is necessary to detox sulfur but I fear taking too much will deplete copper and ceruloplasmin so I started cutting those pills in half.  That may have been a bad call.  I'll do something light this afternoon to test it out.

Run #2 @ 10AM- 1 Mile on Wisteria.  Took 1.5 moly pills before starting and felt about the same.  Did the downside in 3:43 (7:26 pace) then popped 2 more ADHS and charged uphill in 3:23 (6:46 pace).  No doubt that extra ADHS is needed. The molybdenum dose does not matter.  I may try occasional use of Lithium but only 1-2x per week. Both my mood and energy have improved and my skin seems to be less oily as well.

7/3- Planned rest day.  Drove to Atlanta for Peachtree.  Forecast looks rough (upper 70s with humidity).  Not expecting much but hopeful for a time around 47-48 minutes.

Weekly distance= 26.0

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