Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Iron Panel Blood Test Results

Here are the raw numbers:
Ferrittin- 168 (30-400)
Transferrin- 247 (200-370)
  The ferrittin looks fine on the surface as does the transferrin but as is often the case, the "reference range" does not reflect healthy lab values.  The optimal numbers for ferrittin is 30-50 so mine is more than 3 times higher.  OUCH!

Serum Iron- 175 (38-169) Flagged as high.   Ideal is 120
UIBC -110 (111-343). Flagged as low.  Ideal is 200-220.  UIBC= Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity.  This is the good stuff and mine is very low.
Total IBC- 285 (250-450). Normal  Ideal is 340
Saturation- 61% (15-55) Flagged as high. (Iron/Total IBC). Ideal is 33%

This is BAD!  I can't say that I'm completely surprised.  Supposedly, iron dysregulation prevents restoration of low Mag levels but my numbers responded very well so I am a little puzzled.  I'm not sure what my Mag RBC would be if tested now.

I NEED to get my Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity UP and my Serum Iron and Ferrittin DOWN.
How do I do that?
I need to continue to work on my Magnesium and Ceruloplasmin, which should help the UIBC.  That means up my Mag for sure and re-consider the Liver Beef.  I'm not sold on it because though it will up my ceruloplasmin, it also contains iron and will deplete zinc (an iron antagonist).  If I am to take it, it will only be 1-2x per week at least to start.  Molybdenum blocks ceruloplasmin so that dose will be reduced.

What about the B-6?
I believe this could be the key.  A B-6 deficiency can definitely cause excess iron to accumulate and I read it from multiple reliable sources.  Again, it must be in the form of P-5-P.  B-vitamins work together so too much B-12, B-2 and Folate could very well deplete B-6. I believe strongly that it will lower serum iron.

What about the sensitivity issues?
Iron excess CAN INDEED cause damage to enzyme binding sites so it likely does play a role in my sensitivity issues.  The P-5-P should arrive no later than Thursday and it will be added SLOWLY.  Over the weekend, I immediately felt BETTER after taking the first pill but soon got worse later in the day.  I'll start with half a pill.  I DO believe it will eliminate the sensitivity to ADHS, which will leave me with flexible doses for all of my supps, which would be EXCELLENT NEWS!

I'm going with B-6 and Curcumin, which has iron binding properties.
EDIT: I have learned that Iron can raise sodium and thus contribute to adrenal excess.  Fix the iron and the adrenals will come down?

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