Monday, August 29, 2016

Training 8/29-9/4

8/29- Gold's 5 in 38:45 (7:45 pace).  MINUS 24.  I skipped the 41s last week and now I've skipped the 39s.  Can I skip the 37s?  Not likely unless I wait a very long time before my next one.  1st and 2nd half were nearly even.  I had a lapse in Mile 4 but once again found another gear to make the last mile my fastest.  The rate of improvement will slow from now on but so far, I am progressing ahead of schedule.

8/30- Vestavia Mile in 6:15.2 (92-96-97-90).  As expected, the rate of improvement is slowing now.  It will likely be 2-3 more weeks before I crack the 6 minute barrier.  I was actually hoping for a little better today but a MINUS 13 in 4 days is nothing to sneeze at so I'll take it.  Added a Mile cool.  NO MORE COLLAPSES PLEASE!  I'm still 5 shy of my season best and 60 to go for the ultimate.

8/31- 1 Mile naked on Wisteria and it was ugly.  I'm taking a mulligan on this one because of ill-advised experiments.  I thought Curcumin was now okay but it is not.  I then attempted to clear it by taking a CBS cap, which made it worse.  I've got to stay focused on the IRON now, which may be affecting the trans-sulfuration pathway.  If Iron goes down and I still can't tolerate sulfur, then I dig deeper.  My next iron panel test will be in 2-3 weeks and based on those results, I will decide whether or not to try blood donation.

9/1- Planned rest day.  Long weekend with the parents starts today.  Travel day.  Feeling better.

9/2- 5 miles on Jefferson-Peter's Trail in a solid time of 38:10 (7:38 pace).  MINUS 7.  This is probably the equivalent of a high-37 at Gold's.  There are no major hills on this trail but it does have a bit of a gentle slope with some camber too.  1st half: 19:20, 2nd half: 18:50 despite the fact that the back half has more incline than decline.  It's difficult to stay with the diet on the road but at least I am keeping it within reason.

9/3- COLLAPSE.  2 miles in 19:34 (9:47 pace) with splits of 8:40-10:54.  Odds are the culprit is ...  Wait for it.  Yasko's Iron Detox pills.  So there you have it.  I suffer from Iron Overload but cannot tolerate any treatments because they all contain sulfur.  Doctors actually questioned why I am so concerned about sulfates!  What the ____?   There is a chance I can get back on track once I'm back to my normal routine, which will be next week.

9/4- Planned rest day.  No time to run.

Weekly summary:
Managed just 15 miles.  I'm NOT touching anything with sulfur again.  I will try to up my B-12 and zinc a bit and may try some SHMT spray.  I'll test again in 2 weeks then decide on blood donation.  Again, even if it solves the problem, it does not address the underlying cause.

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