Monday, August 22, 2016

Training 8/22-8/28

8/22-AM.  2 miles at Gold's in 17:41 (8:50 pace).  Only slightly better than yesterday.  I forgot to take the B-12 so that's probably part of it.  The doses of my B-vitamins are flexible (except B6) but if I miss a pill completely, it will be UGLY!  My evening session should be better.
I'm talking to Sanctuary on the afternoon of 8/24.  I sure hope he makes a good impression or I'm on my own.  There is one more test that I want to take, which is the Organix Comprehensive Profile, which tests metabolites of B-vitamins and detox markers including sulfates.  Hopefully, the doc will order it for me.  I'll re-test the Iron in about 3-4 weeks and if I don't see significant improvement, I will go through with the blood donation.

PM- Lakeshore 2 after taking the B-12 as I was supposed to this morning.  Showed only modest improvement.  Finished in 16:56 (8:28 pace) MINUS 22.  Not even close to being good enough and I did nothing wrong in term of pills or diet today.  I have found a new Iron treatment from Yasko and I'm giving it a shot.  If I'm not significantly better tomorrow, this formula ain't working.

8/23- Unplanned rest day.  Feeling worse and barely made it through the day at work.  We shall see what the doctor says tomorrow.  Also, the Iron detox pills will arrive Wednesday or Thursday.

8/24- Eventful day.  Got the call from Sanctuary but I was unimpressed.  It will cost me $450 for the first visit plus gas.  He really didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know and offered no real definitive plan to fix me based on my reported symptoms and tests provided.  At least for the time being, I'll pass on this.

PM- Got Yasko's Iron detox pills and I felt a positive effect though still remained very overstimulated.  Got through 5 miles at Gold's in an ugly time of 42;19 (8:28 pace).  Overall pace was the same as Monday's afternoon session but lasted 3 miles longer and had something left in the tank.  Took off at 8:00 pace but faded to the 8:45 range by Mile 4 then did come back with an 8:17 to finish.  Will this stuff work long-term?  That's iffy.  At least 2 ingredients contain sulfur but this one has enzymes and beneficial bacterial that MIGHT allow me to tolerate it.  A new starting point?  Let's just hope to be a little better tomorrow and continue the trend going forward.

8/25- AM- Spain Park Mile in 6:55.  Hoped for a sub-7 and rallied from 5 seconds down with 1 lap to go with a 95 second last go round.  Finished the session with 3 laps around the lake at Veteran's Park at a glacial pace for a total of 3 miles.

PM- Gold's 5 in 40:45 (8:09 pace).  MINUS 19.  This one is encouraging.  Did not feel much different during the day at work but this run clearly felt better than yesterday.  Simply hoped for a low-mid 41 but I skipped the 41s altogether.  Naturally, I can't expect this rate of improvement to continue but as long as the Iron detox pills work, I should continue to see steady progress.  A sub-40 should be a reasonable target by the middle of next week.

8/26- AM- Spain Park Mile and my time was all the way down to 6:28. MINUS 27.  I was just hoping for a sub-6:40 and had it all the way but an 89 second last quarter got me under 6:30.  Yesterday, I was a full 100 seconds down on my lifetime goal.  Now, I only need 73.  Another 3 days to get back to PR form?  Doesn't work that way.  Baby steps.  Shoot for 6:15 next week.  Added a mile cool.

8/27- Successful BTC run.  Made it 11 miles in 94:18 (8:34 pace).  Actually found a group to run with this time.  Still no relief from the heat and humidity and this was a hilly route too.  Pace remained relatively even in spite of it with nothing over 8:50.  If I had added another 2.1 for the half marathon distance, it would have been 1:52+ change but in cooler conditions on a flatter route, I'm in sub-1:50 shape.  Need a couple more like this before I pull the trigger on Detroit in October.

Some experiments were done after I got home.  Whole Food C and Thym-Adren and still big fat NOs but Curcumin appears to be tolerated now.  One piece of bad news is that I seem to have a trace of plantar fasciitis.  Hopefully, balanced chemistry will knock it out.  Worst case is I have to go for a shot of prolo.

8/28- Gold's 3 in 22:54 (7:38 pace).  10 more like that and I've got a 1:40 half.  Easier said than done, I know.  Effort was measured and I would rate it as in between moderate and tempo (7 of 10) and I believe I could have gone well under 40 for 5 miles today so I am progressing ahead of schedule.  More importantly, the foot appears to be holding up and I will likely pass on the prolo.  New shoes may have helped.
Distance= 3.0

Weekly summary:
Early signs say that I am on the right track but it's way too soon to get excited.  I cannot take another crushing relapse so I will not permit any more false hopes until I get an ARL hair test that shows that I am well in line.  Not going to happen now.
Distance was 33 miles.  I don't know my YTD off hand but I'm on pace for 1250.

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