Monday, August 15, 2016

Training 8/15-8/21

8/15- BAFA day!
AM- Spain Park Mile in 6:10.6 (91-96-95-88),  That's a MINUS 14 since last Friday evening.  When I woke up, I thought I had a shot at a sub-6 but 25 seconds was just too much to ask in just 3 days.  I am more than halfway there and plan to take another shot on Friday.

PM- Improvised route through Mountain Brook.  It was Canterbury-Crestline-Overbrook-Jemison.  Moderately hilly route that covered about 5.2 miles.  I called it a day at 5.0 miles in 39:45 (7:57 pace).  Not bad overall.  Even pace despite the hilly terrain.  Every mile was 7:50-8:00.  Faltered a bit at the end.  Mile 5 was flat and I could do no better than 8:00 pace.  Conditions were a bit less humid but still uncomfortable with a temp in the upper 80s and a 70 dew point.

8/16- Tried extra Whole Food C and it didn't work.  Probably just a case of too much too soon.  I knew it would be ugly but tried to salvage a Mendoza level performance.  Could not manage that as I finished 3 miles in 26:45 (8:55 pace).  To my credit, the pace was around 9 all the way with the exception of the first and last 2 laps.  I tried Whole Food C in early 2015 and could not tolerate it at all.  Now I can thanks to methylation.  I just need to limit it to 2 pills.  Most likely, a 1 day blip.

8/17- Another garbage 3 miler this time at the Shak.

8/18- Garbage 2 miler at Gold's.  The culprit is Whole Food C.  It worked on Monday but not on Tuesday.  Just another day in the life.  I tried zinc and was no better.

8/19- Better today but still not nearly good enough.  2 miles in 15:28 (7:44 pace) with splits of 7:32-7:56 and had nothing left after that.  Curcumin has sulfur and must be pitched.  AHA!  Why the bad reaction to the C?  Don't know.

8/20- Another DNF at the BTC run.  This time it wasn't a total embarrassment.  I held a steady 8:20 pace through 4+ miles before collapsing.  I made it 7 miles in 62:54 (8:59 pace) but needed a late rally downhill to get a sub-9 overall.  Last 3 miles were 8:53-9:55-10:45.  Odds are the bad stuff hasn't fully cleared.

PM- Improved and likely would have finished a 10 miler if this had been an evening session.  Did 3 miles in 23:51 (7:57 pace) with a last mile in 7:41.  I should have a respectable showing tomorrow.

8/21- Unplanned rest day.  Tried Apple Cider Vinegar drink to clear iron and could not tolerate it.  Wanna guess why?  Sulfur content of course!  Tried some extra B12 and B6 and the latter especially made it worse.  No attempt to run.

PM- I thought I was getting a little better this afternoon but not good enough to run.  I did try and it was another garbage effort at Gold's.  Finished 3 miles in a pathetic 28:26 (9:29 pace).

Weekly summary:
DISGUSTED AS I SHOULD BE!  Morley Robbins still thinks that my Iron dysregulation is the root cause of sulfur intolerance and since all else failed, he's suggested blood donation.  I've got to consider it.  Initial consult with Sanctuary is on the 24th.
Distance= 29 miles.

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