Wednesday, October 12, 2016


-ADHS (adrenal) dosage has been reduced from 6 pills down to 3.
-Feeling more calm and less angry about my situation
-Less dependent on methylation supplements.
-Calcium Citrate up to 500 mg. is tolerated.
-Intolerance to Sulfur is GONE
-A bit itchy with a few small break outs (not on my face)
Points 1-3 are directly related to improved Iron regulation.  Points #4-6 have to do with oxalates.

Let’s take a look back at Iron.  According to ARL and Dr. Wilson, Toxic Iron levels can raise tissue Na on a hair test, which indicates adrenal over-activity.  That’s why I needed mega doses of adrenal suppressants for so many years.  Though unconfirmed, the fact that I have reduced the dose of the modulator strongly suggests that I am heading towards balance.  Also encouraging is the fact that extra pills beyond 3 appear to make little difference one way or the other.  Since it’s a modulator, it SHOULD not hurt to take too many.  If it does, enzymes are to blame.  A suppressant or stimulant is more likely to cause sensitivity.  Also, according to ARL, Iron excess can mess with enzyme binding sites.  It is definitely plausible that it was Iron that at least played a role in the defective enzymes, which caused such instability.
In yesterday’s workout, I did a half mile without methylation in 3:47 then improved to 3:30 with it at the same effort.  That’s still a significant difference and I will likely still need at least some methylation support because of my genetics.  If I can tolerate Methyl B-12, I “might can” get by with a single active B-complex rather than having to take the B-vitamins separately.  That would save both money and space in my cabinet.  If not, Yasko’s Ultimate B may be tolerated now. 

Going back to my last Iron panel, my serum Iron was less than 10 percent higher than optimal.  The saturation percentage at 43% is still on the high side (33% is ideal) but a big improvement over the 61% on the first test.  I am going to reduce the dose of Curcumin to occasional, stop Yasko’s SHMT&AHCY and add IP-6 with the goal of maintaining or slightly reducing Iron while lowering Ferritin, which was approaching the danger zone last test at 248.  I’ll re-test Ferritin in about 4 weeks.

I’ve had brutal sensitivity to Calcium citrate due to oxalate dumping.  Without it, I was awful but with too much, I was just as bad and had to break open capsules to get the optimal dose.  Thanks to Biotin, my tolerance has improved and I can take up to 250 mg (full pill).  The problems that I had with sulfur were due to the wasting of sulfates and I believe oxalates were the culprit.   If I take even 1 citrate pill, the problems with sulfur are gone.  I expect to get the OAT test results back possibly by the end of next week.  It may reveal other problems but sky high oxalates with a Biotin deficiency is highly probable.  The break outs are a detox reaction and I’m not worried about that at all.

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