Monday, October 3, 2016

Training 10/3-10/9

10/3- COLLAPSE!  Gold's 3 in a pathetic 27:45 (9:15 pace).  I wanted to quit after an 8:30 first mile but stuck it out even though I got slower with every step.  No panic this time.  It is clear that my need for citrates is now TRENDING UP!  I was too aggressive with the cut and felt better after taking just a trace more when I got home.  Do I try the full pill again (250 mg) or do I need 150 instead?  It could be a very narrow range and I just hope I'll at least do okay on race day.

10/4- MASSIVE SHIFT!  Only 3 days out from race day?  I wouldn't have it any other way.
AM- Opened with a 10:28 Mile after taking a full pill last night but nothing in the morning.  Took another full pill and improved to 9-flat (MINUS 88)

PM- Trial and error intervals.  After 2 more pills, I was down to 7:57.  Another one dropped it to 7:27 then I got the idea to load with 4 more hoping that there was no such thing as too much.  NOT a good idea.  Slipped to 8:43 but it did get slightly better as it progressed.  Can I find the sweet spot?

10/5- Fight to Reno with a layover in Denver.  Drove to Sacramento for a walking tour.  No workout but I can tell that my need for citrate has diminished back to what it had been before.

10/6- Hiking in Lake Tahoe.  Did 1 mile of running on the trails as a shake out

10/7- Lake Tahoe half marathon on the Nevada side.  Finished in 1:56:31 (8:54 pace).  I underestimated the difficulty of the course and the effects of the altitude.  4th straight week that I have finished a double digit run.

10/8- 2 mile junk run untimed on Wisteria after getting back home.

10/9- Trak Shak 5 in 42:57 (8:35 pace) with fairly even splits.  No collapse.  Quads remain very sore but outside of that, I did not feel too bad.  Very little effort.  Tried Biotin, which is supposed to help oxalates and I seemed to benefit.

-30 miles on the week.

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