Monday, October 17, 2016

Training 10/17-10/23

10/17- 2 miles on Wisteria in 18:36 (9:18 pace). No panic.  Biotin is the culprit.  I need it to tolerate more Cal citrate but mega doses cause problems.  There is a tolerable upper limit.  Extra citrate had no real effect one way or the other and neither did Mag or B-12.  That's good news.  I really didn't want to have to deal with ratios again.  I'll get more answers from the OAT test results, which should arrive in the mail any day now.

10/18- Reduced the Biotin dose and felt no better.  Workout was actually slightly worse.  2 miles on Lakeshore in 18:40 (9:20 pace) over flatter terrain.  That does it.  The Biotin will be cut out altogether and I expect that my citrate tolerance will diminish.  The OAT test results cannot come soon enough.

10/19- AM- Not much better.  Gold's 2 in 17:48 (8:54 pace).

PM- Trak Shak 3 in 26:24 (8:48 pace).  Only mildly better than yesterday.  Biotin has yet to clear.  I've learned today that it is high in sulfur so that's probably why I can no longer tolerate it.  Not good news.  I'll be better tomorrow but the trouble with sulfur remains.  The test results can't get here soon enough.

10/20- AWFUL again.  This time the culprit was not enough Cal citrate.  Just like before Tahoe, my demand has spiked and it's likely a 1 day blip.  Gold's 2 mile in 17:24 (8:42 pace).  I have not been under the Mendoza line since last Saturday.  Still no results in the mail.

10/21- Glimmer of hope.  Mile repeats at Gold's
Mile 1- 8:22
Mile 2- 7:38 (after 1 ATP cap)
Mile 3- 6:57 (after 2 more ATP caps)
An ATP deficit could be responsible for both oxalates and sulfate wasting.  STILL NO RESULTS

10/22- Very poor.  This ends the streak of 6 straight successful long runs.  Called it after 6 miles in 57:57 (9:39 pace).  Never did feel good but it got worse after each mile.  First half was 26:xx then faded to 31:xx on the back 3.  Odds are it was too much ATP too soon.

10/23- HORRIBLE!  2 miles in 17:54 (8:57 pace).  I came through the Mile marker in 7:55 then popped a 2nd ATP pill and an all out effort got me under 10:00 for Mile 2.

Weekly summary:
-22 miles on the week.  Needless to say, I am not happy about this but not as angry as I would have been earlier in the year.  I'll bet that my Iron is under control and I need ATP but have to keep the dose low to prevent a detox reaction.  I NEED THE OAT TEST RESULTS.

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