Sunday, January 29, 2017

Current Plan of Attack

Regarding the Options to Clear Ferritin Post, I believe I have found the winner:
Find a Substitute Methylation Product That Does Not Contain Lactoferrin or any other questionable ingredients.

-I've got it with TMG (tri-methyl glycine).  Sam-e could potentially work as well but it's very expensive.  In order for it to work, I need to take A LOT MORE Methylfolate but it does appear that I do NOT need an exact ratio as I previously feared.  I do need to take a specific form of it however (5-Methyl Tetrahydrofolic acid).  Also, an increase in B-12 (hydroxy or adenosyl) is necessary.  I will stay on ADHS and Magnesium (not Calcium nor D) for adrenal balance plus probiotics, which seems to prevent buildup of taurine and ammonia.  I will cut out a few unnecessary supplements.  I see this formula as a PLAUSIBLE path to balance and within about a month, I ought to have a good idea one way or the other.

Why is all of this necessary?
Sadly, genetics are the reason.  I have an upregulation of the GNMT enzyme (glycine methyl transferase), which means that glycine based products such as TMG will indeed solve the sensitivity to supplements but WORSEN the flu like malaise that has dogged me for so long.  Fortunately, folate is an effective inhibitor of this enzyme.  However, I cannot process it effectively because I have the dreaded MTHFR 677 mutation.  That's why I need the special version of methyl folate in large amounts.  Excess folate can deplete B-12 and because of my MTRR and MTR mutations, I have great need for B-12.  Again, certain forms of B-12 will work while others make things worse.  Because I have COMT mutations, I cannot tolerate methyl B-12.  Instead, I need hydroxy or adenosyl.  

Future Testing:
1. HTMA to assess adrenal and thyroid function:
I'm going to wait on this one for a while.  It's common to see adrenals go through the roof when a long standing problem is solved.  It will take at least another couple months for that to stabilize.  If that part remains extremely overactive, increasing the Mag+ADHS should help.

2. Full Iron Panel:
Again, I will wait on this one until I am a few months removed from taking any Lactoferrin or Liver containing products.  With time, Ferritin should come down on its own.  If the Ferritin remains high, a Liver flush remains an option.  As of now, I remain intolerance to Curcumin and Apple Cider Vinegar so that's strong evidence that my serum Iron is no longer high and may actually be low now.  The biggest benefit to reducing my serum Iron should be better adrenal balance and less need for ADHS.

3. Methylation Pathway Analysis with Yasko:
This test costs $500 so once again, I will wait on it until I've been on the TMG for a while.  Once I am, I expect it will show that it's at least under control.  As of now, I believe the methylation is more likely to be the smoking gun than the Ferritin or Iron.  If it's still bad after a few months, Yasko may come up with a better suggestion.  Possible but unlikely.

4. Genova Comprehensive Profile:
I'll get a re-assessment of my candida status here but I am primarily interested in sulfates.  If I do indeed have an excess,  I am pretty much convinced it is due to a wasting issue.  How to correct that?  I'd have to go through another Functional MD, which I'd really prefer not to do.  Tests have ruled out deficiencies in Zinc and Vitamin D.  I suppose it's possible that the methylation block is the source.

Hope is still alive.  I may not get a resolution in writing by the Spring as I predicted but it's a good bet that I'll know one way or the other whether the plan is working by then.
I realize this will be like Greek to most of my readers but it's more for my reference at this point.

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