Sunday, January 29, 2017

Training 1/30-2/5

I am hoping to jack up the mileage up to the 40-45 range.  The formula should be set.

1/30- This should be the last day that I'll have the improper form of folate in my system.  As expected, I was awful.  Covered only 2 miles in 19:31 (9:45 pace).  Got a few pieces of good news however.  The Methyl Mate was a non-factor again and I pitched that bottle.  Extra TMG left me feeling marginally better and so did Sam-e.  If TMG fails, there is another option.  Got home and pretty much crashed out to bed.

1/31- AM- 3 miles in 26:23 (8:48 pace).  MINUS 57 over an extra mile.  Probably looking at a slow climb out of this latest hole.  I plan on being back out this evening.  It's of utmost importance to stay on the 5-Methyl Folate.  Without it, the intolerance to both TMG and Sam-e will kick back in with a VENGEANCE!  I may have to cut the dosage however.

PM- Lakeshore 5 on a beautiful clear 60 degree evening.  Finished in 41:57 (8:23 pace), which is just a tick under the Mendoza line for this distance.  MINUS 25 over an extra 2 miles so the climb out of the hole is steady.  Tomorrow will be important.  The plan is to keep the MF dose high and I will follow it as long I as I continue to improve.  If I take a step backward, the dose will be cut.  Again, MF is critical because it allows me to tolerate TMG.  I figure the minimum dose is at least 1000 mcg and 400 definitely WON'T cut it.
Distance=8.0 (112 on the month)

2/1- More problems.  Now, I have a viral infection.  Fortunately, it appears to be just a cold contained to my head but my throat is killing me.  I did attempt to run but quit after slow jogging just 1 mile.  Even with a virus, I should have been better than that.  I will cut the MF bigly tomorrow.  This will be considered my rest day.

2/2- The sore throat is better but the sneezing, runny nose and CHILLS have kicked in hard.  I may have a small fever.  I think it's viral and I just need to let it run its course.  Again, I slow jogged a mile and was marginally better thanks to reducing the MF.  I cut it from 4000 to 3000 and I probably need to go lower.
-No grading this week.  It's my freebie for the first half.

2/3- Forced rest day.  This sickness is worse than I initially thought.  I've got the dry cough today along with chills, headaches and an upset stomach.  This is clearly not just a common cold.  It's probably a sinus infection if not a touch of the flu.  I did go to work today but did very little.  I still think it's viral but if I'm not getting better by early next week, I must see a doctor.

On the methylation front, I made an important discovery.  I can take as much TMG or Sam-e as I want but my MF must be limited to about 1500 mcg.  However, glutathione appears to allow for more tolerance of MF.  Wish I could test myself today but I better not.

2/4- 2 miles in 17:25 (8:42 pace) with intervals.  I started on 3000 MF and 1 TMG pill and as expected, I was beyond awful.  3 laps at Gold's took 3:12 (9:36 pace).  Popped another TMG and got marginally better with a 6:14 over the next 6 laps (9:21 pace).  Then, I popped a glutathione pill and improved to a 7:59 over a full mile.
The sensitivity to MF is brutal.  Without it or if I took just a trace, I will be AWFUL.  The sweet spot is likely between 1200 and 1600 mcg.   I would not be surprised if it's 1400 with 1200 being clearly too low and 1600 being clearly too high.  That's right.  Once again, one pill will flip me from one extreme to the other.

TMG/Sam-e is well tolerated ONLY IF I take MF.  If I took mega doses of TMG, it would provide marginal benefit but does not offset the excess MF so I don't need a specific ratio as I have in the past.  Fortunately, it does appear that glutathione will mitigate at least some of the extreme sensitivity but does not give me a license to take mega doses.  I had best stay at 2000 or below.  SOD may also be beneficial.

2/5- The sinus infection is pretty much gone now.  I am still coughing and blowing out some residual crud but it's no longer uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the workout sucked again.  3 miles in 26:24 (8:48 pace).  Started off decent with an 11:31 first half then suddenly died and Mile 3 was over 10:30.  I went with 1600 MF today and it was too much even with the glutathione.  I'm cutting it to 1200 and ordering SOD.  I thought briefly about going back to Methyl Mate but NO.  I'll be just as intolerant to MF with that stuff.

Weekly summary:
Managed 17 miles this week, which brings my YTD up to 119.  Even if I experience a miracle turnaround next week, I am OUT for Mercedes.  That's just not enough training.
Another important point:
While there is no fever, chills or congestion associated with chemical imbalances, THE FATIGUE AND MALAISE IS JUST AS BAD as a touch of the flu!

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