Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Back on B-12

B-12 is necessary to get those stinking sulfates out of my system and get the adrenals in balance.  In theory, this is excellent news but I am not celebrating anything until the hair test confirms that my Lithium is up to snuff.  Normal Lithium is required to transport B-12 into the cells.

New adventures:
-Became intolerant to Thym-Adren and am back on ADHS
-Can still take Mag Malate, ATP and Lithium
-ATP and Lithium must be taken together and no more than 1 of each can be tolerated.

Last week, I dipped under 21 for 3 miles for the 2nd time in 2016.  The next day, an all out effort was required to break 8:00 for 1 mile.  Extra Mag and ADHS had no effect but ATP and Lithium made it worse.  I surmised that I needed B-12 (hydroxy only, no methyl) and I was right.  Within an hour of taking 1 B-12 pill, I improved to 14:00 for 2 miles but was fading badly at the end.  An extra trace confirmed that I had overshot the balance point so it was down to 1/2 pill for the next few days.

A half pill wasn't enough.  I was struggling for a 9 minute pace yesterday before I hit the 1 Mile mark so I took the other half of the pill and with great effort, managed to hold a sub-8 pace for the next 2 miles.  Today, I started with 2 pills and was a lot better.  After opening with a 7:00, I improved to 6:45 pace for the next 2 miles after popping a 3rd pill.  I am going to stick with 2 pills until further notice but my body's demand for B-12 is clearly increasing.

Other observations:
A trace of molybdenum WAS tolerated.  Good news there
A trace of Thym-Adren was NOT tolerated.  Not a surprise but as long as I can take ADHS, I'll be okay.  Mega doses will not be necessary when the sulfates are out.  

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