Monday, January 25, 2016

International Travel Part 2

I posted a few years ago about a goal to visit every inhabited continent.  So far, I have been to only North America and Europe (United States, Canada, Bermuda, Spain, France, Italy) and since my last post on this subject, I have added several more countries of interest.

Europe: After the ancestry results, I have become more interested in seeing the UK, Germany and Poland.  Here's the preliminary plan:

UK- Fly to London and take the train, which runs all the way up to Scotland.  I could stop in Birmingham just for grins too.  LOL.  Running the RNR Liverpool race would be a good excuse to go.

Germany and Poland- Run the Berlin half marathon.  This is a 1st rate event with 30K runners and as far as I know, it's not a lottery system to enter but first come first serve. It is a stand alone event from the city's more famous full marathon. Berlin is located less than 2 hours from the Poland border which is easily accessible via train.  I could hit both countries in 1 trip.

Israel- For sure.  This could be life changing but word on the street is that you really need 2 weeks to truly experience it.

Hong Kong- My parents went there in the early '80s and loved it.  The fact that it was a British colony with no language barrier is a plus.

South Africa is a beautiful country.  I have a very strong interest in visiting Cape Town and possibly Durban.  The Two Oceans race has a companion half marathon but I'd really have to take my fitness to a new level before I even think about Comrades.

Definitely could see both Sydney and Melbourne as well as the Capitol of Canberra.  It would be very tough logistically and I'd probably break it up in Hawaii.  I've heard New Zealand is a beautiful country as well.

South and Central America:
I've got a much stronger interest in going here possibly as early as next year for a winter get away (summer down there).  Plane tickets are fairly affordable (under $1,000) and I can get a direct flight from Atlanta for a smooth 1 day trip.

Nicaragua/Costa Rica- The former is probably a surprising pick but this country is safe and has been at peace for over 2 decades.  Check out this video:

Chile/Argentina- Absolutely stunning beaches and mountains.

Brazil- I've got an old college buddy here who is also a runner.  I think a race in Rio would be really cool.


Yo Momma Runs said...

I taught English in China a long time ago. Hong Kong was amazing! And very crowded. I actually liked mainland China better, but wherever we went there (mainland or Hong Kong), people spoke some or attempted to speak some English.

Melissa said...

I've been following your journey for a long time and what brings me out of lurkdom is the travel post!!
I just have to make a plug for Argentina---the people are SO kind and the landscape is amazing (and varied depending on the region, obviously). Visited Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Patagonia (El Calafate) and am dreaming of a return trip to see other regions. Also, from a practical standpoint the dollar is EXTREMELY strong vs. the Argentinian Peso so you can travel in comparative luxury for very little once you get past the cost of the flight.

South Africa also on the bucket list!

Crazy J said...

Thanks for the comments and the support. Santiago to Mendoza is definitely on the bucket list.