Sunday, January 10, 2016

Relapse and Response

Nothing surprises me anymore.  This is pretty much the new normal.
On the morning of 1/3, I clocked a 20:42 3 mile time trial, which tied an unofficial post-35 PR.  That's nowhere near my best but pretty respectable for someone who has not trained much over the last 12 months.  The very same afternoon, I could feel myself going downhill and by the next morning I could not run at all.  I'm hardly over-training as it is but no, rest didn't help.

The results over the past 7 days:
-3 days- so bad that I did not even attempt to run
-2 days- could barely break 9 minutes for 1 Mile and quit.
-2 days- with great effort, managed a mid-23 for 3 miles

The culprit is ATP.  That's right, the same ATP that is supposed to supply energy to the cells is INCREASING the fatigue.  How do I know this?  Simple.  I felt MUCH worse within minutes of taking an ATP tablet.

Why is it happening?:
The smart money is on Lithium transport.  Adequate mitochondrial function (ATP) is required to transport Lithium and without it, I'm dumping it.  My last UEE test (urine essential elements) showed a Lithium level more than 10 times the upper limit with almost none in my cells.  Now that the ATP has normalized (supposedly), the previously unavailable Lithium is rushing into my cells and the excess is causing fatigue.  That does make sense to me and I suppose it will just take time.  I am not due for another hair test for another 6-7 weeks but if my theory is correct, Lithium should show up high on this time around.  If it doesn't, I may have to re-consider amalgam removal.

What can be done?
It's not just ATP that I cannot tolerate.  Any treatments that generate ATP such as too much Mag malate and D-Ribose also increased the fatigue.  I suppose that's good news. It's not the ATP tabs that are the problem and it's not a mal-absorption issue there.  Again, getting my Lithium up to par is just a first step.  I need Lithium to transport B-12.  I need the B-12 to detox the sulfates. I need to detox the sulfates to slow down runaway adrenal function. Speaking of which, I did get an answer to my question from Yasko.  ATP may play an indirect role in sulfate detox but what I need most is B-12 and low dose molybdenum.  My last test strip showed my sulfates still through the roof (probably around 3000 vs a target of 800).

Adrenal support:
I remain completely intolerant to Thym-Adren (adrenal suppressant) but can tolerate ADHS (modulator) and Endodren (stimulant).  Unfortunately, neither has been very effective as of late.  I'm sticking with the safe option (ADHS) in case I am still a fast oxidizer.  Yasko has suggested low dose Potassium drops.  I suppose it's worth a try.  My last hair test showed my K level right where it should be in the white zone but it is known that Lithium can depress K levels and if indeed Lithium is flooding my cells, a low K level would cause fatigue.

Needless to say, it's out of the question right now.  I have not booked my Alaska trip yet but I'm still going no matter what.

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